Greetings knaves…

Greetings knaves, rogues, villains and any other creed of vermin unhinged enough to feel comfortable here at the Valdez HQ.

 It is my aim to find Truth, lay it out bare for all to see, then add some form of intimate, human response. Through literal means I hope to accurately record, through the medium of written word, my own perceptions and understanding of the invariably chaotic swamp in which I live; Existence…

Any feedback will be much appreciated…

Good LuCk.

Carlos Valdez



11 Responses to Greetings knaves…

  1. Ms. Valdez says:

    hey there! i came to your site after reading your post at weedguru. didnt get to read valdezview in its entirety but those iraqi spider pix sure freaked me out!

    cuidate… i’ll be back to check out a fellow Valdez’ rantings!

  2. hey man i like it, i really do. keep it up all you’ll reach where you want to be. Good luck

  3. well, thanks a bunch for taking a few moments to check out the site mate. Hope you enjoyed it and come back again soon!
    Dan aka Carlos Valdez

  4. ms Valdez eh??
    damn. could you be my intentionally long evaded mother??and what the hell does ‘cuidiate’ mean?
    I demand answers.

  5. Roy says:

    Hi Daniel, are you in this blog ? ROY

  6. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  7. Brainwasher says:

    Maybe you could discover for me if the truth wears underwear/

  8. I don’t think so Brainwasher. get back in your cave, Hobo…I will send ratface upstairs to dribble on you. But hey, thanks a bunch for the comment, buddy. always appreciated!

  9. Nick says:

    how come I just found out about this today, and only because you apparently added a new button that links weedguru to this?

    Damn you Dan, you’re holding back valuable information!

  10. Becca says:

    i wish i had had enough time to read this before i met you.
    i feel truly sorry now.

  11. Your Friend says:

    Interesting site. I should have checked this out a long time ago.

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