I am An OutSider…

I am an outsider,
phsycially in melbourne,
but my mental state reaches an area far wider,

I find solace in William Burroughs,
Hunter Thompson and Henry Miller,
I idolize Alexander the Great,
even though he was an efficient, well practiced killer…
not what that prick Farrell displayed,
Alexander was a man who not for one second of his life, knew what it meant to be afraid…

stupid hollywood bullshit,
always teaching the sheep the wrong story,
The Macedonian King was a figure steeped in adventure, and both valour and glory…

If you want to learn about history,
read some fuckin books,
cos the film industry is run by a bunch of dirty, rotten crooks,
who won’t tell you the truth,
just what will make money,
if they thought they could make a buck,
one of the swine would surely try and make september 11th seem funny…

but no, that’s a mute point,
cos it’s easier for Bush if eveyone hates,
and there will be less resistance when he raises the tax rates,
to finance more bullets been fired into The Enemy and every one of their mates….

can anybody hear me??
am i making any sense???
or do i truly exist over there on my own,
with the rest of humanity sitting on the other side of the fence……

well if that is the way the cards were dealt,
i best get moving to the hills,
Though i wouldn’t be obtuse to entering the ocean,
if anyone could provide me with the gills……


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