I’m wasting my time…

Im wasting my time,
I should be doing more,
Than selling fish,
In a fucking tesco store,
Finding peace,
Only through breaking the law,

All I do is work and smoke,
Sleep and ride,
Continue my pointless swim,
Against the tide…
As the walls grow stronger
between the in and the outside,

If I was a bigger,
By now I’d be dead,
Killed probably over some stupid words,
that some fool said,
cos theres a parta my soul,
that I can’t stop from going red..

when people are nasty,
for no reason at all,
I wanna grab their heads,
Smash them hard against a wall,
So maybe it’s a blessing
that Im pretty small.

The fact remains,
So much shit makes me mad,
Like proper crazy,
Another reason why,
I tend to prefer to stay hazy,
Its juts a shame that the side effect is that i’m lazy,,,

Cos I got a mind fulla ideas,
Tears, And Dream careers,
and A heart fulla hate,
But also love which can grow at an exponential rate

But while im flying high in the sky,
Swooping round clouds with the birds,
I’m remembering the old adage,
Action speaks louder than words……..


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