In My Soul A War Rages…

in my soul a war rages..
there shit going on thats too sensitive in nature to ever make it verbatim onto any of these rhyming pages..
that i continue to produce..
partly to document my existence,
but moreover to try and hang loose..
or at least in some way relax..
i know too much about not only the lies,
but also the facts…

This battle..
this inner turmoil which sporadically causes my physical cage to rattle..
comes from a time i have tried to forget…
a period of my life where the worst of my worries was getting my head kicked in, not debt,….

what persists from that long passed era??
what is it that i must face before my vision can become clearer
and nearer
to that of a man at peace..
instead of a nervous, crazy, dopefiend yearning for some kind of unknown release……


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