They make Me angry…

Not a day goes by,
Without some kinda attack,
An old woman raped,
Then a kid gets stabbed in the back…
Random violence is increasing,
Why isnt the government putting more effort into policing,
And imprisoning the shameful fuckers who are releasing,
Killers onto the streets,
So they can maime and slaughter,
Carve up some woman,
Right in front of her daughter…

I wish I was stronger,
My muscles bigger, and my legs longer,
I wish I was more brave,
Cos id love to go teach some people how to behave.

Theres an element that’s growing,
In activity and size,
They wear simlar clothes,
And the same evil exists in their eyes..

Where did it come from?
Who I am to guess?
All I know is that you can distinquish these evil pricks,
By the way that they dress,
Cos people generally look like who they are,
You can even tell a lot about a man by his choice of car..

But like I was saying,
The kids of this country have changed their way of playing,
Cos now they wanna smash you in the face,
Just to play with their phones,
Some sub-humans take the pictures,
While their leader breaks the bones….

Where are the fucking cops?
I losing track of where the buck stops.
Cos I need someone to blame,
For the advanced descent into shame……

I been around the world a bit,
And I understand the difference,
Between been hit,
For a reason,
Like treason,
Or financial gain,
And some nasty townie bastard just in the mood to dish out some random pain.

I gotta ask the latter why?
All this fucking trouble?
Do you not have enough??
Is the life in england so terrible and tough?
In fact,
Id say fly to uzbekistan and see if you can remain intact….

They make me angry,
But what can I do,
Apart from express these feelings through my rhymes to you?
Should I stand up and fight,
Don a hood,
Then travel deep into the night,
With a weapon of retribution,
Maybe a sword,
Live that life till I get killed, arrested or bored…..

Does anyone else feel this?
An underlying anger at the world outside evident even during a warm kiss?


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