Melbourne to London..ramblings of an dopeless dopefiend…

August 30, 2006

My impression of a refined, scholarly English gent must have hit a nerve in the oversized knickers of the amiable, motherly woman who checked me in for the fist of my three flights. Not one spare seat next to me, but two! Due to the nicotine overdose (absence of greenery; legalities of airports) there lies the insidious seed of a migraine in my anxious brain…

Malaysian Air Hostess Watch- Lithe, nubile fairies with eyes that sparkle like the sun coming off the ocean. Practised smiles which ooze subservience, finding their roots in typical Asian professionalism. Polite, ultra smart robots.

700ml pure water already down the gullet. If there is one main objective, other than staying alive, to this gruelling hemispherical exchange then it is: STAY HYDRATED. This means that I must endure a 26 hour period in which I stride forcefully against my recognition of my British blood and nature; NO TEA NO TEA!. Have I finally broken free from the shackles of my own shape-shifting façade of reason?????No…

Part guess, part understanding of human anatomy has led me to tentatively conclude that the regrettable bout of acute motion sickness- which resulted in my wheelchair-bound entrance to Melbourne last August (2005) – was due in no small measure to a terrifying lack of fluids….I have never been able to enjoy the rigours of corkscrew revolutions on a rollercoaster or air travel. Even the cross channel ferry trip between France and the UK has in the past caused me embarrassing and fiercely unwanted physical hardship.
I have generally managed quite well on the majority of high altitude journeys…Of course except when I WAS A NIPPER, around 4 or 5 years old: I screamed like a ring wraith for most of the Australia/UK plane rides. And it wasn’t until I developed the speech prowess, a fair few years later, to convey my pain, that a doctor was able to diagnose ‘his sinuses can’t equalize the pressures associated with flying’ and reccomened a bottle of sweetatsing liquid which allevaited the lack of equaliztion when my head was raised to 9 miles above sea level. Thankfully my sinuses can now function more pleasantly when my body is zooming through the clouds at 400mph.

In line with the traditional meteorological outlook of my destination, the UK, I leave Melbourne city amid a deluge of warm rain….

Kuala Lumpur
I just ventured into the shitter with the firm but gratefully not desperate intention of emptying my bowels but I was rebuffed in my excretory efforts by the ‘hole in the ground’ Sri Lankan toilet. Yes, I have used these simple designs in the past; I spent many an hour perfecting my ‘squat and shit’ technique in India and Nepal back in 2000, but alas I now lack the confidence of maintaining an accurate trajectory and I am already so damn tired that over exertion may well cause some form of collapse. Which would be decidedly unedifying.

8 hours of flying has been completed almost beyond the reaches of reasonable complaint, but the food –aboard Malaysia Airlines K126- was woeful and I would guess dangerous for a weaker stomach than my own fortified internal furnace. I watched The Sentinel during the flight, which proved as satisfying as the on-board cuisine. Several bouts of acutely fitful sleep were welcome but I am still undecided as to whether it is more beneficial for my body and mind to peg my eyelids open and stay awake. Lulling my being into a false sense of relaxation and rest only to suddenly jump up like a startled jack in the box at the sound of the engines changing their thrust from moderate to deafening as the plane traverses a sticky area of cloud and atmosphere.

I can’t shake the taste of these Ginger anti-travel sickness pills from my mouth no matter how many ml of water attempts to flush the potent herbs remnants from my body. Still why complain? Because I’m British and proud???…SO far only fatigue is a problem, which does imply that the natural remedy is working as hoped.

Managed a 30 second call to HQ back in Kent, UK…mother was jubilant to hear my voice despite it’s obvious ratty tone and implication of complete mental disarray. Still, nice to connect.

Boarding of my second flight commences in 15 minutes. the next, the smallest, stage on my escape route from that barren hunk of rock we call Australia is a paltry 3 hour dash from Malaysia to Sri Lanka, which will be followed by yet another 3 hour break on terra firma before I embark on the final part of this vitality sapping transglobal mission of madness.

Full face ninja- how the hell did she get through the ID checks???Is her passport photo pitch black??Next to the ninja woman sits a casually dressed, jovial faced, heavily bearded husband. Can she see him??Has she ever seen him?? Does she make her left and right turns, up and down steps by receiving oral direction via mic and earphones clandestinely placed under her ninja mask, originating from her vastly less restricted (by religion) husband???

This place is clean. Operating room clean. Every toilet has a dedicated 24/7 cleaner. Any direction I choose to gaze offers ridiculously sombre airport workers and pristine architectural tranquillity…lush green flora, sizzling waterfalls, Burger King….KLIA (Kuala Lumpur international airport) is generously touted as ‘best airport in the world’ but I prefer Heathrow…Fuck I wish I was there now. It seems 7000 miles away.

The eyes are undoubtedly the window to the soul. Surely it would be more honourable to have Muslim women cover their eyes (the only part of the body which shows the naked self) rather than all the body but the seeing globes of mystery.

The ugly (or are they men?) ninjas maintain solemnity and religious decorum.

Severe fatigue lessens the conscious mind first and foremost. Then the body follows. However, instinct becomes crazy potent; the new leader of being…Right now I could feverishly fuck a sheep… The new comptroller sitting at the control console of Daniel..The handful of constraints associated with normal mental/physical levels of existence are relinquished for good or ill. Is what remains the core? A core? The energy to control is the first to go (as it should be). Thankfully, the electric impulses surging around my loins don’t have the physical energy reservoir to call upon to put my bestiality plans into action (and there aren’t any sheep nearby)…If I am an orange then I have been well and truly peeled, leaving only my juciy- but potentially posionous to he wrong palette- inner segments.

Sri Lankan Airlines-
Large area of legroom. Stewards are lovely; sincere, friendly…what religion are Sri Lankans??? Tamil/ Singhalese…

The token white guy: me…I have concluded- to my satisfaction- that all of the dangerous looking ninjas are in fact female as suggested by their attire, but I can’t be 100% sure without a strip search. But if I attempted that kind of routine I would very quickly be captured and fed slowly through a mincer to come out the other side as curry meat. And Rightly so.

I wish I had the opportunity to experience some of the proper Colombo (not just the transit lounge at the airport) because the natives of this country I have met in the past have proved wholesome, family orientated and truly benign individuals.

As with trains and automobiles, toilet usage is restricted to when the plane is in motion. My over hydrating procedures led me to backtrack out of the gate 18 lounge so I could relieve myself. Sweating buckets and counting down the seconds while first the elderly, then the families were invited onto the plane, I reached a point where I was about to piss my pants. Which would have been an error of unprecedented magnitude. So with my legs looking increasingly as one, in a desperate attempt to halt the flow of urine, I demanded my release from the secure area… ‘Excuse me mate, I seriously have to pee…the consequences of a refusal of this request would be dire…’////

Colombo- the city, not detective, though I am a fan of the ace gumshoe (he has been something of an idol over the years). Polished tiles line the floor. Large window walls offer gloriously sun drenched views of the sweltering Sri Lankan jungle only metres from the runway. How I wish I could stay here for a week or five. During the descent to the boiling tarmac, the clear sky afforded me such a tantalizing glimpse of lush coconut groves, pristine sandy beaches and of course, the inviting azure ocean lapping against the shores of this tiny island situated only a 100 miles south of chaotic India.

The women here are not repressed. Even the ninjas sport digital cameras and Versace shades. But then again how well can I gauge the happiness of a veiled wench through a brief (for fear of being rude) glance at eyes which invariably are of the same colour (dark brown) as every other female in the building. Eyes which seemingly have little or no interest in meeting my inquisitive radar.

Strangely I thoroughly enjoy playing the rarity. Excitable attention pours out of the children, while the teenagers and young men seem at worst slightly aggravated by my presence.

‘relaks inn’..what a wicked name for a bar! Good ol’ relak. if I had the money or the time I would gladly purchase a lassi or onion bhaji. Or perhaps a vegetable pakhora…
Much like in India, the men here are openly physically familiar. And arm draped over a mate’s shoulder, two buddies walking side by side, hand in hand…

The underlying sentiments of these people seem to be of a laid back, non-bothersome variety. It is a very pleasant atmosphere. my body is beginning to feel and show the effects of joule intensive travelling….Must eat…But what , where and how?? The only currencies accepted for exchange here are yankee $ and EUROS, which counts me out…If only this laptop bag (complete with numerous books, ID, CDs, and other items deemed a necessity for my person or too heavy for hold luggage) wasn’t gaining weight by the hour I could surely find a beaurea de change which would swap my Malaysian ringgits for sri lankan umm….sri Lankan pennies??? And then sustenance!..But it is not to be and I must resign myself to the slim hope of receiving adequate nourishment aboard my final flight…

First major pieces of news from the UK:>…16 year old lad from Tyneside stabbed to death on his birthday…a 4 year old boy led from his house to a tree, tied up then bricked in the head, Humberside….family battered to death in Cheadle Hume(Manchester area), father fled to Thailand…


August 13th..Columbus, King Kim and the Soul

August 14, 2006

 Columbus-a truly nasty bastard.

Recent research has uncovered several documents pertaining to ace Explorer, Christopher Columbus, and his ruthless reign over the Indies (which we now call The Dominican Republic). The Spanish Historian’s findings detail several sickening incidents of old style crime and punishments that make Columbus seem like a deranged, sadistic, megalomaniac. A starving vagrant, who was caught stealing corn, had his nose and ears cut off and was then enslaved. Another report explains the story of a lady who insulted Columbus and paid the gruesome price of having her tongue cut out then been paraded, naked on horseback through the province….Harsh. Unjust. And suspiciously sexist.
Sticking with that region but moving the focus forward to contemporary vicious Viceroys…After the September 11th Twin Towers massacre, the American government had the support they needed, or the lack of opposition, to embark on new projects which cost millions of $$ and can be justified as Defence of the American people. Justified to some that is. Not me. For example: Construction began recently on the National Biodefence Analysis and Countermeasures Centre (NBAC) which will ‘house heavily guarded, hermetically sealed chambers in which scientists simulate terrorist attacks’. In order to authentically create such conditions, the NBAC facility will need to amass large quantities of the world’s most lethal bacteria and viruses. The 1972 biological and toxin weapons convention, of which the US is a signatory, stipulates that countries are forbidden to ‘develop, produce, stockpile, or otherwise acquire or retain’ the very substances that the NBAC will be using in their fundamental functions.
All the programmes we do are defensive in nature.” said Maureen McCarthy, director of homeland security research and development. The 1972 convention, mentioned a few lines back, does not allow the prohibited substances to be produced for defensive reasons.

If Iran were to publicly announce that they were building a nerve toxin research and development centre, the US and UK governments would probably not even stop to register their disdain to the UN security council, they would more likely take no hesitation in deciding to divert all their combined available firepower and soldiers to Tehran, for an all out ‘leave no survivors’ invasion. Tony Blair would speak of the dangers posed by allowing a rogue state such as Iran to develop offensive nerve agents. While his mentor, pigfucker extraordinaire, George Bush, would probably be so unable to pull himself free from the delirium which comes from ordering the deaths of thousands innocent lives, that Cuba may end up at risk to a ‘Bush Liberation Cull’…..I got a little carried away, but that has much to do with a brief glimpse of my lady’s nubile naked form, as she emerged from the steaming hot, misty bathroom, to grasp a towel before returning to the makeshift sauna. The light at the end of this useless meandering, the conclusion that I wish to offer, is that the US considers itself above all international laws.

What is worse, from my own partly British perspective, is that Tony Blair has dragged me and my countrymen into a proxy deputy Devil Sheriff situation with the head Demon position perhaps occupied by Condi Rice. The blind allegiance shown towards Washington by the British PM (illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and more recently when refusing to condemn Israel’s criminal annihilation of hundreds of innocent Lebanese lives) has created exponentially mushrooming problems both within the UK borders and in foreign lands.

Both Bush and Blair are guilty of some of the worst War crimes of the last decade, but neither will be punished. They are two-faced, greedy, shit-brains and one only needs to look at the death rates in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Lebanon, to find enough evidence to surely put vast swathes of politicians in the Tombs. But of course for that to be possible, politicians would have to be subject to prosecution for lying and murder, but alas they are not. In the two countries which so vehemently promote ‘democracy’, the governments are as trustworthy as a veteran skag head stool pigeon who hasn’t had a fix for a week.

No-one in their Right mind fucks with Kim Jang IITyphoons which have raged without respite in North Korea throughout this last four weeks are thought to have been responsible for killing 10000 people and destroying 1.5 million homes. Despite those bile-inducing estimates of horror which were made by a human rights group, the North Korean Government released a report stating that ‘141 people had lost their lives’….Which is more than a small discrepancy. Bearing in mind the autocratic, some would say fearsome, manner in which the country is ruled, I am inclined to believe the human rights group. Sadly there is much despair and widespread famine in the Kim Jong II domain. But that isn’t reason enough for America to continue to antagonize the kamikaze King into a nuclear stand-off…

A UN Security Council ceasefire proposal-aimed at bringing an end to the Israeli invasion and bombardment of Lebanon-is supposed to come into effect at 5am Monday. Despite this timetable of retraction and cessation, 30000 Israeli troops surged into Lebanon on Sunday, with orders to push as far as 30km into enemy territory. Hezbollah chiefs, while agreeing to abide by the terms of the ceasefire, also stated clearly that they will not stop fighting while the enemy is still occupying and attacking Lebanese land. From the Israeli camp the signals suggest that they will carry on fighting for at least another week, maybe longer, and the only event that could change that would be the deployment of a sizeable international Peace-keeping force, placed in a makeshift buffer zone between the two countries.

I apologize for the repetition, as profit4blood seems to be developing into a theme for my new reports, but here is an interesting quote from The Guardian, which like so many Facts, inspires a very pure hatred in my spirit that my soul has serious trouble controlling…

According to the New York Times, Israel has asked the US to supply the IDF with short range anti-personnel rockets which scatter fragmentation grenades over a wide area…The report said the delivery of the weapons was likely despite state department concerns that they could cause high civilian casualties.’
Casualties so far:
To date
Civilians 1,056 killed
Hezbollah 100 (Israel claims up to 500 have been killed)
To date
Military 79 killed
Civilians 37 killed
This isn’t the Right time for anyone to be selling more heinous weapons to Israel.

 Gills manager Ronnie Nutcase Jepson said ‘more effort is needed’ after seeing his side throw away a 2-0 lead…I must bring this weekly writing exercise back to basics because I am finding no positives in the main News; in fact, I am finding the same bullshit over and over again. Which on one hand makes me more sure than ever that the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust is through the toppling of Bush and Blair and everything they represent. Failing the presence of a coherent force with enough power to take that course of action, the only way can be to attack from within. Of course that can lead only to chaos, but chaos is preferable to organized slavery and bloodmoney systems….On the other hand, there is always football. And with the League One season firmly underway, I am heading to sunny Bradford to check the progress of my beloved Gills…(heading mentally and aurally, not physically; commentary online)

Prior to this match we have won our first game, at home against the formidable Huddersfield, and then gone on- 3 days later- to lose a tight battle 1-0 away to Brighton. As ever I am full of hope and optimism at the beginning of a new campaign, but I was shocked to read on the Gills unofficial website that our centre back and goalkeeper ‘appeared stoned to the point of lacking a pulse’ for large periods of the match against Brighton…That filled me with a touch of uneasiness going into this encounter with the bantams, but I tuned in the virtual radio and those ugly worries of impending doom were soon destroyed when livewire Mattie Jarvis created an early chance for midget merchant McDonald, which was thumped into the net for 1-0, only six minutes into the game…Soon after, again Mattie Jarvis, using his lightning pace, skinned the Bradford rearguard then set up Mickey Flynn to power a thunderbolt into the top corner of the goal from fully twenty five yards out….What a start…And we should have scored more..Those bastards were on the rack…Gillingham were rampant…However, after half time, the tide turned, and its was Bradford’s turn to batter us senseless, which they did. too damn easily and with too little resistance…We shipped 4 goals in that second period, and in all honesty we could have ended up on the receiving end of an embarrassing hiding…So back to the drawing board for Ronnie Jepson and the lads and perhaps the calls for our players to be drug tested gain validity by the hour…The highlight for me was Ndumbu Ngungu’s studs first, two footed lunge into the back of a Bradford defender’s ankles, which earned the Congolese oddjobman a yellow card and a place in my heart forever… There is a good mix of stoners, pacey wingers and competent defenders…but what We lack is bite. The team is crying out for a pyschopath who will instill fear into the opponent’s trenches through reputation and violence on the field of play…

This has been as disjointed an effort as I ever hope to put my name to but I am confident that even if I have not written well- which is certainly the case for large periods of this text- then I have still managed to deliver/highlight a few Facts that are of interest to the able minded reader…
To add some shine, I will close by yet again handing the ‘Writer of the week’ award to Norman Mailer. Which naturally obligates me to quote some lines of his marvelous, but sadly not infectious, wisdom…

Civilization is a spirit. I propose to you that the soul is an animal carrying a burden of existence toward the Vision. Like an animal the soul is able to fight, to war, to kill, to flee, to become lean, wily, hard, a mink, a minx, a wild cat, puma, leopard or tiger. The soul can even descend within a body, and assume the secret sluggish wisdom of a clam, resist change with the force of a clam’s valve.
The soul is amoral. Its purpose it not to be ethical, but to live. Its desire is to live. So long as it is a healthy soul, its nourishment comes from growth and victory, from exploration, from conquest, from pomp and pageant and triumph, from glory. It lives for stimulation, for pleasure. Its nature is to become more than it is.
(Taken from Mailer- Cannibals and Christians)

 Mailer. He had a way with words and women…Married and divorced six times over.

august 6th..jehovah, antigravity, the wolfman and communism

August 9, 2006


 The devil. Is he the real creator of humans?

Or is the average human being more like this fella>>>

During my childhood I was taught, by adults and my peers, to avoid/ignore Jehovah’s witnesses like the plague. On several occasions my home was indeed visited by these much maligned foes, and every time they appeared, the front door wasn’t even opened; we spoke to them through te window: ‘not interested BYE BY’…Now I can vaguely remember the common conception running something like this ‘if you open the door (to a Jehovah’s witness) then you will have major problems closing it’. they were labelled as bible bashers. And they always wore black. I hadn’t heard anything about the group for years, that was until today when I wandered to the local laundrette in my usual Sunday stoned haze. The washing machine had 20 minutes left to spin, and as I had managed to bring last weeks paper with me for analysis instead of this weeks, I decided to check out the Australian media and opened up the world news section of The Age, which was on the coffee table in the waiting area.. My growling and grumbling-produced by the editorial I was reading- was interrupted by an ancient silver haired man who was adding a few of his own leaflets to the pile of club adverts and event listings which sat on a shelve below the accommodation advertisement board. We hadn’t met before but a conversation began and went on for around 80 minutes. In the end I had to say ‘I am loathe to be rude, because this has been a lively exchange, but if I leave my damp clothes any longer they are gunna stink.’ and we shook hands and bid each other farewell. And it wasn’t until we were parting company that he dropped in ‘I am a Jehovah’s witness’. Which made me smile, not snarl with contempt, because despite my almost completely opposite ideas about Life, the bible basher had offered one of the most meaningful human2human interactions I have felt for many weeks. He listened with great interest to my own conceptions of creation and religion and then calmly gave me his reactions. What seemed to be the sticking point of our opposition was the point that if I am to agree that there was/is a God and also a negative version of God, then rather than egotistically and blindly assume that humans were made in God’s image, moreso than any other creature on this Earth, personally, I logically assume that humans were in fact created in the image of the negative version of God; the devil?. Some of my questions, many even, the old man was unable to answer to my satisfaction, specifically interrogation regarding why he was so sure that humans, above all other species, were created in the image of the ultimate benign Creator, and why not instead of humans, rats?? Or birds?? Or cats???.
He spoke of instinct as if it separated humans from non-human creatures then proceeded to campaign that human instincts are somehow the most divine and the closest to the instincts of God. We did agree that the most obvious measures to use when differentiating humans and non-human creatures were greed and destruction. He also concurred that whatever negative force existed, it was winning it’s battle to pollute the divine instincts of humanity, if they were ever even divine to begin…If anyone had attempted to judge the situation, from an outsiders point of view, I am sure they would have thought me the Preacher as my verbal ranting and raving was not merely responsive but blatantly persuasive. The most interesting aspect of the whole incident was the seed of intrigue planted by this comment that the Jehovah’s witness made shortly before leaving..
the force that wrought control of the Earth from God, was given 6000 years to see what he/she/it could achieve. After that 6000 years, God will reclaim the Earth”….Of course I asked him for a date I could comprehend; 6000 years from when exactly?? And when is this reclamation date in conventional terms??…But with a sparkle in his eyes he just re-affirmed his desire for me to follow through on a previous concession that I have indeed got plans to read the bible at some point in the coming months, though not for the reasons he wishes. I made it clear that I was interested in reading the holy text for purely literal reasons, because as one of my human-gods, Hunter himself said:
I have stolen more quotes and thoughts and purely elegant little starbursts of writing from the Book of Revelation than anything else in the English language — and it is not because I am a biblical scholar, or because of any religious faith, but because I love the wild power of the language and the purity of the madness that governs it and makes it music.’
It felt strange to have had such an exciting debate with a religious-foccussed human given my own lack of faith in anything particular. Stranger still that I was able to dim the sparkle in the old man’s eyes with my own conclusions of existence. Which really weren’t a million miles away from his own base code, but yes, as I said before; fully opposite… It is us, humans, who were formed in the image of our creator which was the malevolent force that opposed what we like to think of as God, the positive creative force responsible for the earth and all it’s Life….But, there was a real zest in this man’s eyes, an excitable energy which even at the height of my ridiculing of his preposterous egotistical beliefs only briefly dimmed, and that excitement I rarely see in anyone’s eyes. It was both invigorating and unnerving to watch his demeanour soar sporadically into what he would perhaps refer to as ‘divine understanding’ or ‘understanding of the divine’, but what I call ‘vitality’…..

Well to move from theology to astronomy sharply but legitimately…Recently scientists have discovered the existence of a pair of strange new worlds, situated some way beyond our own solar system. These worlds don’t orbit a star, they orbit each other and are called ‘planemos’. Their mere existence threatens to shred our understanding of how planets are formed. Though they have similar masses to other floating planet-like bodies in space, they are not considered to be planetary like the Earth or any other known planets in our solar system.
The two objects have similar spectra and colours, suggesting that they formed at the same time about a million years ago.
They are separated by about six times the distance between the Sun and Pluto, and can be found in the Ophiuchus star-forming region some 400 light years away. They go under the official name Oph 162225-240515, or Oph 1622 for short.
“This is a truly remarkable pair of twins – each having only about 1% the mass of our Sun,” said Ray Jayawardhana of the University of Toronto, co-author of the Science paper. (

Cheney the Cunt and COndi the evilbitch. Both could well be aliens using human bodies as hosts. As usual, Dr Rice has earned my ‘heathen wench of the week award’ for this comment in reference to the disgustingly disproportionate Israeli bombardment of Lebanon; ‘birthdaggers of democracy’

A 40 year old male from North London UK is battling a US extradition order that was issued in response to his hacking exploits of the US Defense network. Mr McKinnon was at his most potent between 2000 and 2001 and his research was aimed almost exclusively at uncovering Government knowledge/possession of alien life forms/equipment. A decision on whether the UK will honour the extradition order, was due to be made in June of this year, but the secretary of Defense, John Reid, on whose shoulders rests the final decision, appears needy of more time to lull over the fate of the technically gifted, but lawless McKinnon…But what did he see that has prompted the Yankee government to issue warrants which could result in a 70 year jail sentence????Well perhaps these extracts- taken from a recent interview between super-geek McKinnon and Spiked magazine, will shed some light on the matter…(Interviewer)WN: Did you find anything in your search for evidence of UFOs? McKinnon: Certainly did. There is The Disclosure Project. This is a book with 400 testimonials from everyone from air traffic controllers to those responsible for launching nuclear missiles. Very credible witnesses. They talk about reverse-(engineered) technology taken from captured or destroyed alien craft. WN: What sort of evidence?McKinnon: A NASA photographic expert said that there was a Building 8 at Johnson Space Center where they regularly airbrushed out images of UFOs from the high-resolution satellite imaging. I logged on to NASA and was able to access this department. They had huge, high-resolution images stored in their picture files. They had filtered and unfiltered, or processed and unprocessed, files.My dialup 56K connection was very slow trying to download one of these picture files. As this was happening, I had remote control of their desktop, and by adjusting it to 4-bit color and low screen resolution, I was able to briefly see one of these pictures. It was a silvery, cigar-shaped object with geodesic spheres on either side. There were no visible seams or riveting. There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it. The object didn’t look manmade or anything like what we have created. Because I was using a Java application, I could only get a screenshot of the picture — it did not go into my temporary internet files. At my crowning moment, someone at NASA discovered what I was doing and I was disconnected.

I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I’ve never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.

Whatever he saw in the NASA data banks is obviously something that the public aren’t supposed to know about. Why? He hasn’t endangered any lives…He hasn’t made any threats…This type of hacking, is to me, justified, because from what I can make out, Mr McKinnon was, essentially, trying to expose information to the public which could perhaps make all our of lives better..McKinnon: I knew that governments suppressed anti-gravity, UFO-related technologies, free energy or what they call zero-point energy. This should not be kept hidden from the public when pensioners can’t pay their fuel bills.

Finally I bring you the story of Danny Ramos Gomez, of Mexico, who spent his childhood as a circus freak before earning his release at 18 to live the life of a normal human being…The reason for the wolfman style is a rare condition called hypertrichosis; which causes the body to produce many times the average amount of body hair…Apart from the unsurprising abuse Danny gets from strangers and friends alike, the young man, now 23, lives a relatively ordinary existence; ‘”I play football, I play video games,” he said. “I go to the movies. I am the same as everybody, except what you see on my face, that’s all.”…His girl-friend, of 3 years described his eyes as showing ‘great tenderness’…

The WOlfmaN

Without doubt this has been my most anaemic weekly writing effort of the year to date, but there are one or seven mitigating factors I can offer in my defence…
The estate agents have started legal proceedings to evict me from my flat, the tram company is breathing hotter down my neck as they continue to demand $168 for a fine which- on principle and logic- I am refusing to pay, the government are after me for some money they overpaid to me whilst I was in receipt of state benefits back in February, the feeling of impotence inre: the war crimes being committed in the Middle East has grown so strong that several of my senses have been numbed or rendered redundant, my love life flutters like a bats wings between porn star and headfucker, I have no firm ideas of where I will live and where I will work when I move countries in a few weeks time, and of course, I am still to purchase my plane ticket, my neighbours are as polite as rabid pigs, and my demeanor is stuck in a cycle which goes depraved/wise/volatile….Still, rather then end with that account of the various distractions plaguing my life, I will offer a window into the mid 20th century, and specifically, into the mind and observations of Normal Mailer…who is my writer of the week

Norman Mailer- One of the Pros.

The Communists could capture every nation on earth but our own and we would still be safe if our intention were clean. Yes. For in the vertiginous terrors of nuclear warfare rests one rock ledge of safety- in future no great power can ever be destroyed without destroying every other power which would attack it. As a corollary no philosophy of government can occupy nine-tenths of the globe without being altered to its roots. The health of communism, its secret necessity, is an enemy external to itself; war is indeed the health of the totalitarian state, and peace is its disease. Communism would split and rupture and war upon itself if ever it occupied most of the world, for then it would have to solve the problems of most of the world and those problems are not soluble in the rigidity of a system. Like all top-heavy structures the greatest danger to Communism lies in its growth. Prosperity is its poison, for without a sense of crisis, Communism cannot discipline its future generations. Attack from capitalism is Communism’s transfusion of blood..(taken from Cannibals and Christians, 1967) 

new words(for me)to absorb>>
1. Turning about an axis; revolving or whirling.
2. Affected by vertigo; dizzy. See Synonyms at giddy.
3. Tending to produce vertigo: “my small mind contained in earthly human limits, not lost in vertiginous space and elements unknown” (Diana Cooper).
4. Inclined to change quickly; unstable.

1. A proposition that follows with little or no proof required from one already proven.
2. A deduction or an inference.
3. A natural consequence or effect; a result.