Premiership review 25/11

November 26, 2006

Bolton V arsenal 

After claiming only one point from their last 4 games Bolton went into this one determined to stop the rot and get back on track. As for the Gunners: their form has been fluctuating between encouraging, destructive and disappointing, and with Henry out of this match, one has to wonder from where they will get a goal. With the French super striker out injured, the giant Adebayor leads the attack with support from the lively Walcott and constantly probing Fabregas.

The first real chance of the match fell to Adebayor who skewed his shot wide after collecting the ball from the lightning fast and impressively skilful, Walcott. Soon after, a Bolton corner taken by Diouf finds Faye who opens the scoring with a determined header past Lehman into the roof of the net. The marking was weak. 1-0 9’

Deep into stoppage time in the first half, ex-Arsenal enfant terrible, Nicolas Anelka, picks up the ball on the left flank, cuts in then explodes a right foot shot which flies into the top corner of the goal from 20 yards out. A brilliant strike for 2-0 47’. And that was the Bolton striker’s first goal for his new club.

Before the ref blows his whistle for the end of the first period, Gilberto scores a header after short a well worked corner routine finds him unmarked in the centre…2-1 48’

Ht 2-1 

Wenger’s boys came out fighting after the break and they nearly plunder the equalizer when Walcott skins his man down the right flank, finds Ljunberg in the box but the Swede’s header agonizingly hits the frame of the goal…

Anelka almost adds a second goal to his name after smashing a rebound back towards the net but his effort ricochets off the post…A fast counter attack by Bolton results in a third goal for the home side…Campo plays a superb through ball, between defenders,  to Anelka who fires past Lehman for 3-1 76’

Before the final whistle, both Adebayor and Fabregas hit efforts from range that are thwarted by the frame of the goal…

FT 3-1 

Arsenal were a touch unlucky but in truth they were second best in the belligerence stakes.
Bolton are not a team to which you can give only 95% of your best because they will fight for every ball as if their lives depended on the outcome. The scoreline does flatter Allardyce’s troops a touch but overall it was a deserved victory built on desire, cosmopolitan guile and team-spirit.

Bolton’s Anelka opened his account against former employers, Arsenal.

West ham v Sheffield united 

A new era has begun at Upton Park with 85m of Icelandic money being pumped into the club by the new owner, Eggert Magnusson. And he will be hoping for an immediate turn in results and form to match his well publicized remarks regarding ‘re-awakening the sleeping giant’. 

Tevez, the argentine international yet to show anything like the form which we know he is capable, went closest in the early stages after latching onto an intelligent cross field ball into the box. Soon after, Lee Bowyer wasted a glorious opportunity to put his team one up after a typically dynamic burst into the area by Zamora. With the home side in the ascendancy it was no surprise when West Ham opened the scoring after a corner was whipped in with pace by Ethrington, a flick on by Zamora found Mullins who headed home for 1-0 36’.

In response to the onslaught, Blades boss, Warnock, brought on the excitable striker, Nade, who promptly fluffed two good chances in front of goal. Sheffield’s attempted fight back continued with Law finding the ball at his feet only 12 yards from the Hammer’s net, dragging a shot well wide of the target.

After some clever link up play down the right wing, Spector -who was definitely in the area- was unlawfully pushed to the deck but only a free kick just outside the box was given…A poor decision by the officials. The lead was almost extended late on by Harewood who blasted wide after Sheringham displayed his aged, but undoubtedly still worthy of the premiership class by delivering a perfect through ball into the strikers path

Despite the numerous chances created by the Hammers, they were fortunate that the officials deemed a late goal by Sheffield invalid after an apparent foul on the home keeper, Robert Green. I use the word ‘apparent’ because after seeing the replay several times my well trained eyes and mind could find no infringement.

Encouraging signs for the new owner. The confidence is returning to the Hammers side after a thoroughly shocking first quarter of the season and I see no reason why they can’t move swiftly up the table. If they can get Tevez playing anywhere near his potential they will once again be a decent match for any opponent. Warnock’s Sheffield United huff and puff but lack any players of above average skill. Their main strength is tenacity. Which that may well be enough to ensure survival in this; their first season in the top flight.

FT 1-0


Hayden Mullins celebrates his headed goal against the Blades.


Villa v Boro 

The form book would have led those partial to gambling to stake their money on the home side for this encounter. Martin O’ Neil has delivered an immediate change to the form of the Villa team since his welcome arrival in the summer and with money to spend in the mid season transfer window (thanks to a change of ownership) and a lofty league position, optimism at Villa Park is running the highest it has been for many a year. While O’Neil feels increasingly comfortable at the helm of his new ship, his Boro counterpart, Gareth Southgate, has endured a torrid start to life as a premiership coach. However, there was good news this week when the English FA decided to permit the former international to remain as manager until at least the end of this season despite his lack of UEFA coaching credentials.


Villa unremarkably began the brighter with Bouma almost catching Schwarzer in the Boro goal unaware with a 25 yard thunderbolt. Cahill was next for the home side to go close, just missing the net with a cheeky back heel flick. Against the run of play, it was the visitors who took the lead with forgotten man, Malcolm Christie poking home from close range after a scramble instigated by Yakubu and Arca. The replay showed that the striker was at least a yard offside when he struck the ball, but it counted for 0-1 43’.

Minutes after the restart Angel thread a delightful pass through to Petrov who Schwarzer dived at, bringing the player thudding to the ground…YELLOW for the keeper and a penalty for Villa>>>

Barry>>>powerful left boot drive, scores..1-1 48’.

Agbonlehor and Barros were both inches away from finding the winner for the home team but the match ended 1-1.


A let-off for Boro who were defending for most of the game and
Southgate will be by far the happier of the managers to escape this one relatively unscathed. While Boro lack cohesion and confidence, Villa appear to be only one quality striker short of becoming a very tidy outfit.


Boro manager, Southgate, needs to instill some of his renowned fighting spirit into his troops.


Fulham v Reading 

A tepid match; devoid of any real entertainment or professionalism from either side. It was won by
Reading with a 17th minute penalty awarded after Doyle was chopped in the area by Ian Pearce. The ref had to send him off as the defender was the last man and Doyle duly dispatched the penalty past the despairing Anti Niemi in the Fulham net.

The home team were toothless after been reduced to ten men and were it not for some embarrassingly weak shooting from Reading’s attack and midfield and sound goalkeeping from Niemi, the defeat could have been heavier.

FT 0-1

Reading continue to defy the pre-season predictions of an instant demise with their 3rd victory on the trot. Coppell’s charges are now sitting pretty only 3 points off champion’s league qualification! One to forget for Chris Coleman and everyone else associated with Fulham football club.


Reading’s increasingly prolific marksman, Doyle.

Liverpool v man city 

Man City have a truly abysmal away record. As do Liverpool; when you consider both their results and team roster. But both sides are far sturdier on home territory. So the neutral would have been expecting a victory for the scousers on this occasion…

Crouch skied an early chance for Liverpool before Gerrard almost capitalized on a poor pass back to defence from Dunne, when shooting just wide from fully 30 yards out.

Next it was Luis Garcia’s turn to threaten to break the deadlock. The Spaniard cut in from the left, bewildering the defenders and then hit a wayward effort closer to the corner flag than the intended target.

For City, only recent England debutante Micah Richards showed initiative and endeavour, flooding forward at every opportunity, but generally lacking support when he reached the final third.

It was no surprise when yet another pathetic back pass, this time by Barton, was pounced on by the hungry Gerrard, who proceeded to crunch in his first goal of the season with a sublime strike from just outside the penalty area. A vintage hit for the Liverpool talisman 1-0.

Samaras almost caught out Reina with a lofted drive towards the top corner late on, but
Liverpool were ultimately comfortable in victory.

Garcia is quick and tricky, Crouch huge and competent, Kuyt; adventurous and likely to get his fair share of goals. But Liverpool lack a striker of world class talent. And until they have a Rooney, Henry or Drogba, I suspect that the Anfield army will be unable to muster anything more meaningful than a half-hearted mission to challenge for the title. City were obviously desperate to end their shameful run of away defeats but alas they needed some flair to augment their grit on this occasion.


Captain Courageous doing what he does best: blasting winners from 20 yards…

FT 1-0 

Charlton v Everton 

New Charlton manager Les Reed approached this game knowing that he needed to start the recuperation of his beleaguered side as soon as possible if the season is to offer more than a relegation dogfight. David Moyes’ Everton have been sporadically solid this season but of late their form has shown a reluctance to bounce back from dire to commendable…

A cagey affair with very few chances falling to either side. In the 52nd minute an Everton free kick powered towards goal ricocheted off the midriff of Charlton’s Hreiderson and wrong footed Carson to put the toffees 0-1 up. Twenty minutes later, after Charlton had managed to sustain a period of offensive pressure, Andy Reid plundered a deserved equalizer, hitting a pile driver into the far corner from 20 yards out. Worryingly for toffees manager, Moyes, his defender, Yobo, was too busy fiddling with his left boot to notice the ball go inches past his head for the goal! 1-1

The energetic Reid was growing with stature and confidence as the game wore on and he was unfortunate not to score the winner when his well struck effort was palmed to safety by Howard.

FT: 1-1

Although they only picked up the one point, Charlton fans and players alike will feel energized by this display which for my money was one of their best performances of the season. If they continue in this direction, mid table ignominy as opposed to the dejection and horror of relegation can be assured come what May. Everton’s indifferent form continues, but they were missing two of their most useful assets for this one, in Cahill and Johnson who are both currently injured.


Andy Reid scored a fine equalizer for Charlton.


Player of the day: Nicolas Anelka (Bolton)

Stool pigeon of the day: Yobo (Everton)

Goal of the day: Nicolas Anelka



Will the US attack Iran???(early thoughts)

November 26, 2006

I would guess that the White House family of kunts have been planning an invasion of Iran for the last few years. Along with Israel and yes of course the UK.

The problem for Israel is that Right now there is really no-one in the area with weapons as powerful as they possess. The IDF (israeli defence force) have a large, undeclared swathe of Nukes, and also an extremely technologically advanced weapons hoarde (most of which has been directly bought from/donated to Israel, by the US).

The UN security council won’t allow military sanctions to be metered out against Iran, mainly because there are two permanent members on the UN S. council which have major financial dealings with the Tehran based government; namely Russia and China. (check this out :

It is important to note that UK/US didn’t need UN permission to go to war with Iraq or Afganistan. just like Israel didn’t need any permission from anybody when they decided to sluaghter 1000 Lebanese civillians. So really the UN power is extremely small and essentially not strong enough to thwart the plans of the bloodthirsty scum that rules Israel, US and the UK.

US, UK and Israel are allowed to develop and stockpile Nukes, even though they continue to wage illegal wars on bullshit reasoning. Why the hell should Iran listen to the same countries who sit back and do nothing when thousands of Arabs are oppressed, imprisoned and slaughtered by Israeli forces?

The President of Iran, Mr Ahminedejad (sp!), is not even the man who ultimately controls Iran. That privelige goes to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i. I haven’t the time to even adequately outline the extremely complicated political system of Iran, but i will do at some later point if the situation continues as i expect it to i.e. The Americans will start bombing what they say are ‘suspect facilities’.

One of my personal favourite ‘righteous angry fuckers’, Hugo Chavez, has recently been courting Iranian Investment. Venezuala is a country which is a thorn in the underbelly of the US. Chavez is leading a charge of Latin American Rulers who do what is best for the people, not solely for themselves or their yankee mentors. I have a great amount of respect for both Chavez and Morales(of Bolivia), and of course Fidele!

America has made so many enemies in recent decades that those they cast away in an effort to ostricize them from the global community have merely found alternative business partners. That is the problem with having a ‘Our way, or fuck you’ foreign policy.

The sticking point of any conflict would be numbers. US and UK armies are not exactly primed and ready for taking on Iran. But I expect there would be air sorties and very little ground force movements into Iranian land.

I support Iran’s decision to create nuclear weapons because when they have the Nukes, finally there will be someone with the balls and weapons to say to Olmert, or whichever ruthless Kunt is ruling Israel,
‘hey buddy, get the fuck out of Palestine and get back in the borders that you were given 50 years ago. The time of you acting with impunity is over. Now scram!’

(NB. I most definately DO NOT label all Israelis, yankees or brits as heathens. It is the governments I hate, not the people as a whole)

Hope that helped a little, though I fear all i have done is open up numerous cans of rotting maggots which will need sorting out later on!

I cant answer the question of ‘will there be war on a Iraq/Afganistan scale’. Iran is an altogether different situation.

The bottom line is that Bush and his government are in no position to take the moral high ground when it comes to War or weapons stockpiling. They are one of the most criminally merciless governments not just of today, but of the history of humanity. And yes I would say the British and Israeli governments are not far behind in terms of brutality and lack of respect for the sanctity of innocent human lives……

NB I forgot to mention that Iran has repeatedly expressed their desire not to create Nukes, but to create nuclear power to supply electricity to their burgeoning economy.


November 21, 2006

the word ‘democracy’ has become hollow in meaning and brandished about as if we were indeed back in the 5th century when it did have major significance. I do not see England as a democracy and definately not the US!!! Why?? Because the ruling parties are alligned with the ruling kings of commerce and NOT actively encouraging the total wealth available in an economy to be spread more evenly throughout the populace. The rich put these scum in government then the rich get richer. Our ‘democracies’ are increasingly akin to the Mayan High priests and slaves regime. Though I do not consider myself a slave, I concede that I have to work like a slave in order to survive because I have no relation to any masters. And it is like that way for most of us. However, amongst the mass of slaves is an element of rebellion, growing in momentum and purpose and one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, enough of this rebellious element will congregate then smash the master/slave system into a million bloody pieces and reclaim the land for chaos first then for a more suitable, real democratic use. And of course the masters(priests) would all be burned at the stake for crimes against humanity…

Well that concludes my 750am just out of bed with a hazy head rant

Iraq, drowning in blood…

November 15, 2006

The situation in Iraq continues to break records for gruesome death tolls

On Monday security forces discovered 75 dead bodies in Baghdad and Baquba(35km North East of the capital). Most of the corpses were shredded by bullets and if the hands were still intact they were cuffed… 50 victims had been slaughtered then piled up untidily behind the national electrical company HQ in Baquba. And 35 civilians who were queuing up to enlist as police commandos were blown to bloody pieces by a suicide bomber in Baghdad. There were also a further 25 corpses reported found throughout the capital on a day which showed beyond any doubt that the recent increase in sectarian violence is far from abating. The previous month of October yielded a devastating 1600 civilian deaths in the capital alone. Early Tuesday morning around 80 men dressed in police uniforms arrived at a scientific research institute in Baghdad. Some of the ‘police officers’ proceeded to round up the women, confiscate their mobile phones then lock them into a small room. Meanwhile EVERY(approximately 100) male, young and old, from the tea boy to the cleaner, scholars to unlucky visitors, was handcuffed and bundled into the back of pick-up trucks waiting outside. As swiftly as the operation began, it concluded, with the detainees driven away most likely to be tortured then massacred.
Statements taken by the institute’s useless guards fifteen minutes after the brutal blitz reported that the kidnappers/crazed killers had told them they were part of the interior Ministry’s security force charged with sweeping the institute for insurgents prior to a visit by the US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad.
A senior interior ministry official later made said this to parliament…
‘”I have only one choice, which is to suspend classes at universities’ because I am not ready to see more professors get killed’
this is not the first time that the Shia dominated government have been directly connected with free-roaming death squads. How can the Iraqis have any faith or trust in a government which appears to be orchestrating or worse still ,actively participating in, sectarian savagery???They can’t.

For all the evils that Saddam Hussein mercilessly wreaked upon that country, he had it organized in an unfathomably advanced and more orderly state than it is now, and has been since the US/UK invasion of 2003. Under Hussein’s rule less Iraqis were killed, and there was a semblance of law. With the oil contracts due to be awarded next month, perhaps finally the world will see the real reasons for ousting the former dictator and turning his troubled country into a bloodbath in which 100+ civilians are killed per day.

Has the Bush/Blair alliance improved Iraq after Saddam?Fuck, No.

Back at Allied base camp in Washington, Bush, while beginning to accept that perhaps it would be a good idea to bring Iran and Syria into the seemingly impossible task of stitching up the festering wounds of Iraq, also spoke of the need for Syria and Iran to stop sponsoring terrorism! What a brilliant method for making friends in the international community. Tony Blair echoed Bush’s ridiculous amicable offer…
‘It’s very important for the world to unite with one common voice to say to the Iranians that, if you choose to continue forward, you’ll be isolated’ aid Bush, then followed up with ‘Syria need to get out of Lebanon.” Presumably the American President thinks that it would be better for the world as a whole if his Zionist buddies were able to turn Lebanon into another Palestine…Fucking swine.
Good Ol Tone the Bone Blair had this to suggest…
‘To deflect pressure from the West over its nuclear plans it(Iran) was helping extremists in Lebanon, Iraq and in the Palestinian Territories

Bush and Blair find themselves more isolated than those they threaten to isolate…

On a lighter note the 100 hostages taken from the scientific institute have been freed***!!!!!Which is wonderful news!
But the idea that American or any allied troops could sort out Iraq is too seriously fucked up to be laughable. That country is a million times more chaotic and blood stained thanks to the American and British presence. Bush played right into the hands of Al-Quaeda by toppling Hussein and the world as a whole has been made an infinitely more dangerous place for Westerners thanks to the military presence in Iraq. There isn’t any debate about that. It is a fact. Without the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, there would be thousands less Iraqis dead and thousands less martyrs begging their masters to arm them with explosives and direct them to the nearest target.
Al-Quaeda were the perpetrators of 9/11. Hussein had NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. The most dangerous anti-western organisation in history has been and continues to be strengthened by this war.
Still, I go to sleep now mildly upbeat after those hostages were freed. they are luckier than most who have been abducted. However, more than 80 civillians have been killed in Iraq during the last 16 hours, so the mildly upbeat feeling is woefully unmerited.
As to the media, and I am referring to the American media specifically here, I blame them also. For pulling the wool over the eyes of the easily misled Americans who still think or who have ever thought that American troops are justified in their occupation.
Nothing much can change in regards to rising levels of anti-US ‘terrorism’ because the democrats are as in the pocket of the Israelis as the republicans. And the American support, financial, political and weapons-wise, for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians and more recently the Lebanese, is the core reason for so much war and callously spilled blood.

(***It seems that not all of the hostages taken from the scientific institute were released.  Some of the lucky few to be allowed freedom told of the torture and killing of their co-abductees…)

i choose to seek truth

November 14, 2006

I might be slow to act,
but I think like super fast,
I am unique,
Not human clay shaped from a well used cast….

I see people for who they are,
I got a special kinda sight,
When I was born, just for a milisecond,
The earth was bathed in an unidentified solar light.

Ive concluded its better to be true to yourself,
Than in any way manufactured,
Im a mental fugitive running wild and my thoughts cant be captured,
Or assimilated,
Into a more useful patterns to those in charge,
Take away more of my rights,
But my soul’s activity remains powerful and at large….

Always lessons to be learned,
Money to be earned,
Green leaves and buds to be burned..

Sometimes the temperature of my being rises,
And I can do nothing but think and perspire,
If I open my mouth, get out the way,
Cos I can breathe fire….
Cut you in half with my glare,
Look at me once, but you’re fucked if you stop and stare,
Cos my eyes show all of the thoughts that I bear….
For a moment, a 100% open connection, we will share…
You will go into a instant coma,
Live the rest of your life as a constant nightmare….

Sometimes I think I got strange powers,
But that’s mainly when im high,
I live life as true to myself as I can,
i choose to seek truth,
cos only evil can come from a lie….

(Dec 2005)

sucidal as a skater

November 14, 2006

Fuck all the small-talk,
Let’s discuss issues with real meaning,
Why don’t we all look at the spiritual state of the world,
And agree that it needs thorough cleaning….
Cos we are going wrong,
As a race,
Fucking things up for our future generations, and every other creature unfortunate enough to have to try exist in the same place…..

Since the turn of the year I have been catching up with the news,
Creating an accurate global view,
And to be honest, before that,
When it came to world affairs,
I barely had a fuckin clue…

But back to this story,
Of diving into the shit-pool,
Of politics and religion, everything that is not cool,
But horrifying,
Every hour there are reports of more innocent people dying,
More despotic leaders getting away with lying,
AM I really the only one who reacts to the real news, by screaming and crying??

It’s the money game,
The Quest and respect for the possession of fame,
Adults acting like bad children,
But showing no shame….

I suck it all in,
But I cant spit it all back out,
Carnage and doom, hit my Soul with a special kind of clout,
And the damage is savage,
It can’t be repaired,
You try reading a proper paper for 6 months,
Then write me a letter from the mental hospital telling me how you fared….

So what the fuck can I do?
Apart from absorb all the horror then present it- in written form- to you?
In the hope of spreading awareness,
Which will lay the foundations for Change,
Focus on my message, not me, as an individual, because everyone already knows that I’m strange….

I was once a human-lover, but now I am a hater,
Amazing on a sports-bike,
Suicidal as a skater..

fish blood in me

November 14, 2006

I love good wine,
when the weather is really fine,
the sea,
maybe ‘cos I got fish blood in me,
the beauty that exists in the wild untouched land,
the way a palmist can tell your life story just from the lines on your hand,
the rebels who fight for peace,
and for the wrongfully imprisoned to be released,
people who live their lives in a just way,
those happy just to wake up every day,
the Buddhists who constantly pray on their knees,
kids and adults alike who always say please,
artists who can fill me with such emotion,
distributing in my heart and mind so much commotion,
the nurses and doctors who look after the ill,
the plants that grow on an inner-city flat-block window sill,
my girlfriends smile,
her phone number that every day I dial,
the conservationists looking after the natural world,
the way the seawater makes my hair curled,
humans who put happiness before monetary success,
my lady when she begins to undress,
honest strangers who just want to laugh,
a relaxing lavender scented steaming hot bath,
the musical sound of my favourite language, Italian,
the majestic aura emanating from a pedigree stallion,
cats and dogs,
rats and frogs,
all the amazing colourful fish,
those who try to fulfil another’s wish,
those who care,
those who dare.
I love all these things, its as simple as that,
and to be content I need just the love of good people and the kinship of a cat.