Britain at war with Iran???

December 25, 2006

“They seek to pin us back in Lebanon, in Iraq and in
Palestine. Our response should be to expose what they are doing, build the alliances to prevent it and pin them back across the whole of the region.”
said English Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in a speech delivered this week in Dubai, to a carefully selected group of businessmen.

 He was referring, of course, to the strategic threat posed to the world by Iran.  What strikes me as strange about that excerpt of Tone the Bone’s missionary efforts in the Middle East are the ‘pin us back’ and  ‘Lebanon, Iraq and in Palestine’ elements. I haven’t seen any proof, but perhaps I can nevertheless still entertain the thought, that a link exists, the strength of which I couldn’t estimate, between several unnamed insurgent groups currently operating at full potency in Iraq and the Iranian government. Letting the mind wander in that direction is possible due to the logical likelihood of Shia dominated Iran, feeling and demonstrating a need to help their kin in Iraq (Shia groups in Iraq). Though as mentioned, I have seen no hard evidence which validates this link. So as much as I wouldn’t assume as fact that Iran were orchestrating much of the horrific bloodshed in Baghdad and many other areas of the liberated Iraq, I can still understand how and why Blair included Iran somehow lined up against British troops and Britain, as a country, behind them. It is the inclusion in the statement of Lebanon and Palestine which both shocked and confused me…From when have British forces been operating in Palestine and Lebanon??? Blair is grouping us as a nation, side by side the US, and accepting that they are side by side, as are we (Britain), to Israel. As my explorations into the cess pool of recent news grow ever more valiant and fruitful, I have failed to register anything but disgust in reaction to the constant trickle of revelations about Zionist shackles placed on the American Government. From balloting new senators on their duties regarding the protection of Israel to directly influencing war maneuvers involving the American Government and more importantly, their army. Those relationships are strange but very real, too real. Blair has now added Britain to that gang as a fellow subordinate to play fetch for Israel alongside our Yankee chums. Was Britain really supportive of the Israeli massacre of 1000 Lebanese civilians only a few months ago?? Is Britain supportive of Israeli expansion over Palestinian land and the slow murder of the means to exist for those unfortunate enough to be living in the Gaza Strip???


Levy whispers sweetly into Tony Blair’s receptive ear ‘Fuck me now, kiss me later?’. The lovebirds were later seen hand in hand, slipping into a S & M club in Soho.

  Lord Levy; efficient fundraiser for the Labour party, Blair’s pal, British special envoy to the Middle east, a man described by the Jerusalem Post as ‘”undoubtedly the notional leader of British Jewry” and by another Israeli newspaper as ‘”a leading international Zionist”, Levy is one hint to the depths of putrid depravity that the group we call ‘government’ regularly bathes in. Why send an ardent Zionist to a region where expansionist Zionism is one of the most common woes? We may as well be sending..hang on… I feel the need to drop the ‘we’ as despite Blair’s willingness to bring me under his arm in the ‘we support Israel’ party, I am not keen. To say the least. The interests of the region would be just as well, if not better, served by sending Thatcher. Or Mike Tyson… Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to Washington, has said that the Saudi and Jordanian royal families told him Levy was “not terribly welcome in their countries; and that he was received only out of friendship for Tony Blair.” No surprises there then and I can assume that those sentiments are shared unanimously across the Arab world. I don’t think that the British government is similar to their trans-atlantic colleagues in regards to total, unflinching subservience towards Israel; only Blair is inclined to lean that way. As was demonstrated by the very public outcry of despair at our PM’s cruelty back in July when the Lebanese death toll was rising like hot air and Blair’s own ministers were screaming constructive criticism such as ‘’These are not surgical strikes but have instead caused death and misery amongst innocent civilians.'(Jack Straw, then Leader of The Commons). There are a few old duffers knocking about the demonic halls of Westminster and blood stained House of Commons, who retain a semblance of integrity. Shame Blair isn’t one of them. 


Premiership review 16/12/06

December 17, 2006

Arsenal v Portsmouth

Portsmouth, under Harry Redknapp, Tony Adams and Joe Jordan, have been in exceptional form this season and fancied their chances of upsetting Wenger’s Henry-less Arsenal. Both Campbell and the league’s top scorer, Kanu, were making returns to the former employers. The French boss opted for a Van Persie/ Aliadiere attack, with big Adebayor made to warm the bench.

Early on an Ebou cross finds Van Persie in the box, but James denies the Dutchman, diving to his right to parry the shot. Soon after, Ljunberg hopped off the pitch; hamstrung.

As the half progressed Arsenal eased into the ascendancy. Fabregas tried his luck from range pushing James into a save which fell to the feet of Van Persie, but yet again James performed the necessary acrobatics to defend his goal.

Scorer of a the 40 yard wonder strike last week Matthew Taylor floated in a  free kick, which Thompson got his head to. With Lehman beaten, the shot hits the post then Pamarot is on hand to nod in the rebound.0-1.

During the half time interval Arsene Wenger complained bitterly to the official about the free kick which led to the goal his side conceded, and promptly return after the break exiled to the stand.

Within minutes of the restart, Taylor finds the ball deflected into his path in the area and delivers a wonderful volley from 18 yards out, with the outside of the left boot which flies straight into the far corner…perfect strike…0-2

Sensing the need for an instant change of fortunes, Wenger threw on the mammoth Adebayor to lend some bulk and height to the attack and the African youngster almost won a penalty seconds after taking to the field when Johnson’s tackle sent him tumbling to the turf…The replay was inconclusive.

Hleb sent Walcott down wing who ate up the yards rapidly before playing the ball across the area for Adebayor to poke home past James…1-2  58

The Gunners recovery was building steam by the second…Toure hits one towards goal after a useful run from defence, Walcott fluffed the rebound but the ball fell kindly to Gilberto who thumped it through the crowd and into the far corner of the net…2-2..replay shows the shit took a small but important deflection 60′

Adebayor, Van Persie and Flamini all had late chances to win the game but it ended 2-2.


Arsenal will no doubt count themselves unlucky to have walked away from this one with only a point but
Portsmouth, mainly James, fought tooth and claw for their part of the spoils. The home side were a completely different team when Adebayor was brought on and I doubt whether we will be seeing Aliadiere starting in his place again this season unless injuries and suspension compel it to happen. Another great goal for Matthew Taylor; that left boot is becoming increasingly clinical from range. An exciting game but one can’t help but notice how much Arsenal lack when their talisman and protagonist in chief, Henry, is sidelined.

MOM- James

Arsenal’s manager, Arsehole Wenger, wanted by the police for aggravated assault…

Charlton v Liverpool

Ex Everton stalwart, Tomas Myre came in between the sticks in place of
Liverpool’s form of late has been impressive with Benitez finally appearing to have accepted that a settled side holds the key to optimum success.

An early Penalty was rightfully awarded after Traore kicked Pennant in the head. Alonso scored confidently from the spot for 0-1. 4’

Liverpool imposed themselves quickly with Bellamy and Pennant both going close before half time.

The second half saw Charlton’s resistance abruptly falter and the passage of play become very one sided. Myre saved well from a long distance Alonso curler. The consistently profligate Kuyt hit the post but Charlton did create a couple of chances of their own.

Rommedhal set up Ambrose for a volley 10 yards from goal, which he skied over. Bent also wasted an opportunity to equalize by sending a close range shot 5 yards wide. Normal service was soon resumed with livewire Welshman Bellamy scoring a classy strike after nipping onto the end of a clever through ball to finish across the body of Myre for 0-2 82’

Gerrard was found on the edge of box; the midfielder turned his body then picked his spot, lofting the ball nonchalantly into top corner…0-3… 4in 6 for Gerrard 88’

After the match Les Reed said the right lines but looked like a man destined to relegate Charlton. His team’s performance was shocking and if anything, they look worse under his stewardship that they did under recently sacked manager, Dowie.

The score could have been 0-20 were it not for prodigal son, Dirk Kunt, failing to hit the target with any of his 17 chances…Alan Hansen said he ‘can’t remember a worse performance in the premiership…’ and also ‘My granny could tell you where the danger is’…

Mom- Traore. For kicking Pennant in the face…

Les ‘smeagol’ Reed remains upbeat despite the whipping his boys got from Liverpool

Aston Villa v Bolton

Former Palace keeper made his debut in goal for Villa as Sorenson is laid up with crabs.

All the early running was made by the home side with Agbonlehor, Gardner and Cahill all sending shots towards the Bolton goal but Jaskelannan was proving his pedigree with a series of world class saves. Despite the constant pressure from Villa, it was Bolton who opened the scoring after Anelka was crumpled in the area by Petrov. Gary Speed, playing his 100th game for the club, stepped up to send the ball home for 0-1

Angel almost grabbed the equalizer after busting through the Bolton rearguard but Allardyce’s men held on for a fortuitous victory.

Jaskelannan won these points for Bolton with a classy display of goalkeeping. Villa will have every right to feel desperately disappointed and an out and out goal scorer will be high on O’Neil’s shopping list when the transfer window re-opens in January.

MOM- Jaskelannan

Big Sam Allarcyde will be happy for his team’s smash and grab victory at Villa.

Reading v Blackburn

Reading’s recent good form looked set to continue when Harper was put through on goal and finished well past Freidel for a deserved 1-0 lead. 41’. After the break Blackburn seized the initiative, none more so than Benni Mcarthy who had 3 goals ruled offside before finally hitting the net in the 64th minute with a well taken header. 1-1.

The Blackburn winner came courtesy of Bentley. The midfielder ran down the right channel before cutting into towards goal and lashing a magnificent drive through the outstretched arms of Reading keeper, Hammeman. 1-2 84’.

FT 1-2

Mark Hughes must have berated his charges with a few choice phrases at half time because Blackburn were drove forward in the second half like a team possessed. Reading were always in the match but
Blackburn were the deserving winners.

A few carefully chosen words from Mark Huges transformed Rover’s fortunes…

Newcastle v Watford

Roeder was pleased to welcome back the bullish industry of Emre and silky skills of Dyer, who both returned to action after recovering from recent injuries.

Butt was the first to threaten after battling through from midfield but his shot was typically lame.

Former Gillingham striker Darius Henderson, unsurprisingly still yet to find his first premiership goal, went close to breaking the deadlock with a first time left foot half volley, which was tipped over by Given

The teams went into half time level after what was an even first period.

On 49 minutes, Milner sent in a lovely cross which Martins rose well to head past Lee for 1-0. 49’…But Watford are soon level with a scrappy goal by Boazza who got lucky in a melee just in front of Given’s goal, poking over the line after Tommy smith headed an effort towards the corner. 1-1

Tidy work from Duff down the left wing ended with a pass into the box, finding Martins, who steadies himself before thumping one home for 2-1.  

FT 2-1

Newcastle were lucky to nick this one and Roeder will need to either add to or intelligently re-arrange his defence which continues to be porous against any level of opposition.

Watford played with heart and passion but lacked the skill. Will be in the mix near the bottom come May

MOM: Martins

The load continues to lift from Roeder’s fragile shoudlers…

Wigan v Sheffield united

A dire match for the neutral decided by a dubious strike from Rob Hulse. Quinn played a pacey ball into box where Hulse collected before adroitly turning then side footing into the net from close range. 0-1

There was a penalty awarded when De Zeuw was adjudged, by the ref, to have handled in the area but after consultation with the linesman, the referee decided to cancel the spot-kick. The replay almost confirmed that the linesman got it right.

Cannonball framed, former bouncer Paul Jewell was seen threatening Blades boss Warnock, but he didn’t mind because his team ran out winners of this unentertaining encounter.

Kirkland was in fine form throughout the match denying several good chances for Sheffield United to increase their lead.

Towards the end of the game there was an unsavoury incident involving Wigan meathead, Mculloch and Chris Morgan. The striker was seen to smash the Sheffield United skipper in the face and soon enough after the assault, Morgan’s eye puffed out and reddened. This was the second time in a week Morgan has been the recipient of foul play after catching an elbow in his last outing…Still, despite the nastiness of Mculloch’s ‘tackle’ he did make a visit to the Sheffield United dressing room after the final whistle to apologize for his actions, which is commendable.

A good result for the excitable Warnock and on chances created his team merited their victory.

Mculloch, the kind of chap to approach only with a rifle in hand…



Goal of the day- M.Taylor of Portsmouth.

Performance of the Day- Jaskelannin of Bolton.

Boxer of the day- Mculloch.

MF Grimm- American Hunger (review)

December 15, 2006

MF Grimm is a King. A man of impeccable integrity, undeniable talent and the kind of flow that can only be given to a mortal by the God of rhyme himself. I have been a growing fan of Percey Carey (aka GM Grimm aka MF Grimm), since hearing him on the tick-tock track with neo-sellout cunt, Mf Doom. I have already made one error-ridden attempt at outlining the life to date of Grimm and now is not the time to do that task adequate justice because I am well into my Kronenberg and just able only to relate how special this album is, not the whole Grimm story. But then again… I do feel the need to add a small amount of background info, however awkward it comes across in this inebriated state. Because Mr. Carey has killed, he has been shot and imprisoned, he has educated himself; ultimately managing to reduce a life sentence to a handful of years and he has found belief. Not just in himself and life, but in a God and in the better, rarer side of humanity, which he actively encourages people to build on and develop. Power of Self is endemic in everything he does, every rhyme he composes and delivers.
In today’s world of gun totting emcees rapping to the kids about how cool it is to pack heat, how much respect a man can gain through dealing drugs and maintaining a cackle of hoes, Grimm is like a beacon of decency, sincerity and wisdom. He has lived The Life, come through it minus the use of his legs. And now he feels-and I agree with him 100%- that his destiny is to spread knowledge and sublime rhyme to anyone able to hear his words.
American Hunger comprises of 60 tracks spread evenly over 3 CDs. As much as I love to write I can’t possibly produce a track by track guide. Because that would deter the average reader from enduring this review in its totality. So, with that thought firmly in mind, I reckon the best job will be to bring to your attention the instant classics from each CD.

When faith is lost. A beautiful song outlining Grimm’s dedication to his lady. Hard for me to put into better words than the man himself has already done…Wicked easy going beats coupled with the main man’s simple yet potent amorous storytelling.
‘we were made for each other, that is clear,
you are the reason why I am still here…’
Right there and Yes or No are quality and prepare the listener for the delicate onslaught on the emotions of The Trees; which is a track capable of melting the heart of the hardest G, the coldest Scrooge, the most savage Despot….
In terms of flow, Still my Love takes the top spot from this set of 20 from King Grimm.
A Mother’s heart brings to life in word the horrific story of a lad who fucked over the wrong crowd…While Street General relates the poverty and harshness of the streets, the oppression- which comes from the top- and the racism prevalent in modern-day America.

CD 2.
Fuck You- Driving beats like thunder in the night create the perfect backdrop to Grimm’s aggressive but wicked sounding chest beating. Another artist spitting these same rhymes would sound arrogant and annoyingly boastful but the lyrics in this track erupt from Grimm’s larynx like repeated blasts from a sawn off 9 gauge. Quality.
Dark Skies- Delicate, emotive guitar loops. Mix with refreshingly poignant poetry from Nate Denver while the protagonist nods his head in preparation, waiting to steal the limelight, which after Nate finishes with a flurry, he does, by adding robust vitality to Denver’s clever scene setting efforts…
‘deaf on the poor taken as a joke,
The President’s retarded and he’s sniffing coke..’
Bashton the Invizable man announces his presence with style to herald the end of this beautifully crafted piece of music.
I Love You- Brotherhood, trust, loyalty and treason are all explored in this powerful lament of Grimm’s former life hustling on the streets. A tried and tested theme in this genre but the words don’t feel contrived, they come out the speakers honestly and with gusto.
Agony- Nate Denver constructs several wise verses over relaxed, flowing beats before passing the mike over to my COmmander in CHief Mr Grimm.
Crazy, It’s no secret, Things I’ve Said and Teacher are also amazing.

Adam and Eve- ‘fuck the clan, or any man,
Who hide behind politics and bibles,
And stop me from survival,
No longer do I contribute to genocide like I did,
I chop trees; I plant seeds for the kids,
But when this war comes, I’m flipping wigs,
Power to the people,
Fuck these evil pigs..’
Grimm hurls a tirade of anger at the world that has formed him. An almost abrasive rhythm intensifies the pain in his voice.
Heaven can wait- I can’t say for sure why, but feel this is worth mentioning: The staggered tune that bounces throughout this track evokes thoughts of The Untouchables, more specifically of Al Capone.
Manhattan Murder- For once the praise must go to someone other than King Grimm, as Mez outguns his comrade in this sinister voyage through the Manhattan underworld where death lurks in the shadows…
G.O.D (Government of deception)‘Im the bearer of light
Shining for my brethren,
Hell isn’t nothing but the shadow of heaven’..
A tribute to George Bush. It’s time to rebel…
Brand new and No one are soothing, positive anthems. While Twin Peaks transports the listener deep into the ether to be wowed by the fresh talent of Hasan Salaam and his Day by Day colleague, the aforementioned Mez.
Book of Daniel- I used to be one of MF Doom’s most vociferous fans…that was until he sold himself out to the mainstream and started producing shit.

The track on the new Grimm album called ‘the book of Daniel’ painfully explains why I now hate Doom. Not only is he a sell out but he has done the dirty on the very people who helped make him who he used to be when he was a proper artist and not just some hollow prick who makes up words that rhyme(which he is now).

Some people may not like Grimm’s sound or his message, but when he speaks he means every damn word he says. That cannot be said of Doom, who I now slanderously and grimly(hahahah) conclude is a money grabbing wench who got too carried away with the sound of his own voice…I can’t even enjoy Operation Doomsday these days such is my anger at Mr Dumile. A truly shallow individual…I used to think it pretty cool that he hides behind that mask but now I think it is sadly accurate of his lack of identity and need to contrive an image.

”i met this kid, he seemed righteous, he represented knowledge, yeh him and his brother they was real smart, but then is brother died and he was taken in by a grand master, but from what I hear this kid Sambo was A SNake, A RAT, he stole shit, and ran away to another state….’ ‘
(Sambo is Doom)

For many years I have placed Slug at the pinnacle of emcees, partly due to his intelligence and flow, but mainly due to the ease of relation between him and me as human beings. However, whereas Slug has now matured into essentially a more relaxed family man, my own Existence has continued to yearn for music busting at the seams with vitality, which is where Grimm lives, in terms of the aural landscape. It matters not that I haven’t lived on the streets, packed heat and lost friends to drug deals gone wrong, I can still feel Grimm in every word he utters. And that is why the veteran New Yorker has edged his way to the highly coveted position of King of the mic.

Seriously superb hip-hop.

I love to write. But when it comes to writing about Hunter S Thompson or MF Grimm I encounter problems. This is because they excel so much in their respective fields that I can’t help but feel inferior and concerned when trying to do their talents justice, in words…An impossible job perhaps. Still, at least I am spreading their good names thoroughly throughout the virtual world and hopefully, winning these two undoubted demi-gods more exposure and fans…

Valdez View rating 10/10

I don’t have much respect for humanity as a species. Plenty of contempt, fear, dissapointment and rancour, but not much respect. There are a few exceptions to my scorn, few folk who warrant my awe and admiration, my attention and respect. Hunter S Thompson is one of these few, as is MF Grimm. Whereas Hunter encourages me to become a better writer and to live life with optimum zest, Grimm inspires me to be a better man. (Grimms label, Day by Day Entertainment)

Kanye West. Send him to the gallows…

December 13, 2006

At the recent MTV awards pop artist and RnB slime-king, Kanye West shocked the audience and fellow stars when he charged on stage to squeal like a petulant 8 year old about his failure to win the ‘best video’ accolade. Mr. West, always a talent-less tool in my mind, leapt onto the stage as Justice and Simian were accepting the award for their video, ‘we are your friends’. He burst into the limelight then proceeded to whine like a baby about the injustice of his own favourite video of the year, unsurprisingly ‘touch the sky’ by Kanye West, failing to achieve even nomination for the much coveted medal,  then devalued the whole event with a tirade of expletives and idiocy that hopefully has cut at least a third from his army of confused fans.
‘“(touch the sky) cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons. If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility” the dickhead yelped in horror as his whole world seemed to be collapsing around his pretty, immaculately groomed head.
To add humour to this rare piece of showbiz news that has prickled my interest, the same video ‘Touch the Sky’ has landed the money-mad prince of vermin in hot water with the authorities. The film is a mocking replay of respectable Motorcycle stuntman, Evel Knievel’s ill-fated attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974. For the duration of the video West is dressed identically to the way Mr. Knievel was attired in 74′, the character he plays is called ‘Evel Kanyevel’ and the canyon is apparently visually indistinguishable to the Snake River layout. The former stuntman, now 68 years old, has brought legal charges against West for infringement of the Evel Knievel trademark. He is suing the shit-brained effeminate rapper for “vulgar and offensive” misrepresentation which is detrimental to his hard earned crazyman reputation. The kamikaze biker went onto say
“That video that Kanye West put out is the most worthless piece of crap I’ve ever seen in my life, and he uses my image to catapult himself on the public…The guy just went too far using me to promote his filth to the world”
Well put, Evel. Personally I hope they send that idiot to the gallows for aural crimes against humanity (as well as for upsetting the Overlord of dangerous motorbike stunts).

The one and only Evel in this world. he who diced with death for the sheer hell of it, not for the $$$$$$$$.

Dutch Masters…

December 6, 2006

Dutch Minister of Defence Henk Kamp(above) continues to reward hellhounds from the underworld for their heinous activities by nominating Charlie Manson (below) for the much coveted- in devil worshipper circles- Amsterdam Award for Atrocities…

The Bosnian government yesterday made their resentful feelings known to their Dutch counterparts after scores of Dutch peacekeepers were recently awarded medals for their part in the 1995 massacre of 8000 Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica (Bosnia). The slaughter was undoubtedly the most nauseating episode of the whole 42 month war in the region which raged from 1992-5. Despite the presence in Srebrenica of the peacekeepers, General Mladic, the unquestionably evil Bosnian Serb commander, took over the town, separated women, children and men. Then proceeded to order and supervise the execution of 8000 men in just 10 days. 800 lives mercilessly eradicated every 24 hours. A truly horrid figure which prickles a flimsy but unforgettable memory in my deep, murky mind…a memory of watching a piece of video footage taken by one of Mladic’s troops, which appeared on Channel Four news. The scenes were brutal; soldiers lining up row after row of unarmed men then taking turns to fill the victims with bullets, bodies scooped into trucks by bulldozers, and worst of all was the apparent enjoyment and calmness of the killers. The footage stops abruptly and when the screen flickers back into life, the soldiers are heard laughing and joking about not having enough space on the video tapes to keep up with the rate of executions. It showed genocide on a scale only Hitler, in recent history, has outdone in terms of ferocity and horror-value. And even though I didn’t understand the nature of the ‘conflict’ due to my tender age, the footage sickened me more than any piece of news I have since seen or been part of.
The ‘peace-keepers’ stood by and did nothing whatsoever to keep the peace while the fields around their base became drenched in blood. Dutch Commander Tom Karremans, who was amongst those recently awarded military honours, was snapped by photographers dining with General Mladic during that fateful July, 1995, when all those people were needlessly culled. Karremans was in charge of the peacekeepers and several sources have suggested that he exchanged the release of 14 kidnapped peace-keeping troops for the acquiescence of his forces to the ensuing killings.
The perceived complicity of the Dutch peace-keepers was examined and refuted by a UN investigation in 2002 but the report did lay blame firmly on the Dutch government whose position as top Dutch dogs soon after became untenable.
As for Mladic, he has been a target of the UN war crimes committee for 11 years, but has avoided capture through the protection afforded him by high ranking members of the Serbian army.
When I see people smiling and jesting whilst ending the lives of innocent, unarmed captives, I know that in humanity lie the greatest evils of any species.
The decision to award medals to those Dutch troops who were supposed to be protecting innocent lives and ‘keeping the peace’ in Srebrenica, but instead stood by and did nothing as the body count rose every minute, is Satanic. And the picture it paints of the Dutch government is that of a gang of heartless, arrogant punks who have chosen to ignore reality and give themselves a very public pat on the back for their sterling work in the ‘battle’.
“This is a scandalous, shameful and humiliating decision. Victims and their families are additionally humiliated and offended,” said Munira Subasic, head of the Srebrenica Women association.”They [the Dutch peacekeepers] allowed Bosnian Serb troops to slaughter 10,000 people. Shame be on them,” she said.(
This isn’t an isolated incidence of UN peacekeeping ineptitude. It was only last year when a report by Jordan’s ambassador to the UN ‘identified repeated patterns of sexual abuse and rape perpetrated by soldiers supposed to be restoring the international rule of law’.
Further evidence- as though it was needed- to confirm my suspicions that the UN military machine is neither a major deterrent to global crime nor a expertly trained group of military forces capable of ending bloodshed in war torn countries and instilling peace.
Credit must go to the Dutch authorities for reminding us all that we in the West are not as civilized and morally superior to the rest of the world as we often assume. But now, as I once heard Kofin Annan whisper into the ear of Hugo Chavez at a UN convention in Bognor Regis ater spending 8 hours listening to the woes of the world transformed into oration by a succession of small-time global leaders, ‘lets leave this bullshit alone, roll a joint or five and stick some Biggie on the stereo…’

Power to the people…Chavez wins another term as Venezuelan King

December 5, 2006

 The Latin American left wing revolution continued to strengthen yesterday when Venezuela re-elected charismatic President Hugo Chavez, to another 6 year term in the top job. After 78% of the ballots had been counted, the former paratrooper was declared the clear winner with over 2/3rds of the votes cast in his name. Since first assuming the Presidential role in 98, Chavez has wrought back government control over Venezuela’s most valuable resource, oil, and used the increase in revenue to pursue advancements in living standards for the traditionally ignored, less fortunate natives of his country. Through spending on free health care and education for the poor, forming powerful political and financial partnerships with Russia, Iran and China- and most invigorating of all-for continuing to not only defy churlish attempts at intimidation by Washington but also to publicly insult American Shitbrain, George Bush, Chavez has won the allegiance of many hearts and minds, including my own.

‘”It’s another defeat for the devil who tries to dominate the world, Down with imperialism. We need a new world.”
roared Chavez triumphantly during a speech, made shortly after receiving news of his victory, to thousands of supporters braving heavy rain in order to show their respect and regard for the confirmed champion of the real Venezuelans. The ‘devil’, which Hugo mentioned is Bush. Some other intriguing lines of wisdom from my favourite world leader: The only place where a person can ask for another head of state to be assassinated is the United States, which is what happened recently with the Reverend Pat Robertson, a very close friend of the White House…He publicly asked for my assassination and he’s still walking the streets.”

“Now, when you know the way of thinking of those in the White House, any insanity is possible. Now, let me tell you this, if the imperialist government of the White House led an invasion against Venezuela, well, the war of 100 years will be unleashed in South America. Because with our teeth, with our nails with our knees, we will go to struggle and defend our dignity in
South America. Now, I aspire and I pray to God that this will never occur. We want peace. We want life. We want to have eternal relations with these sisters countries, sister nations. “

A significant part of the fiery contempt regularly shown by the bad boy of the UN towards Bush is down to the American government’s attempted military coup in 2002 which failed miserably and filled latin-america’s answer to Chuck Norris, Mr Chavez, with enough ammunition for a century of inter continental hatred. The main issue between the two men revolves around the populist Chavez’s moves to reclaim state control over the vast Venezuelan oil fields. Prior to this accomplishment of praiseworthy honour, multinational companies, many of which were American, were paying bribes to corrupt Caracas government officials who allowed very little of their profits to filter down to the public coffers. Chavez has ended that routine. Not in order to line his own sizeable pockets but to fuel his plans at social re-energization.
Despite Chavez pushing ahead with plans to create the largest reserve army in the region (the aim is a million members) and arms deals with Russia, the battle-lines between the two countries remain based in rhetoric. With Venezuela one of the four largest suppliers of crude oil to the US, Washington are unable to cast them aside. And with the development of the Venezuelan military muscle, invasion is of course now out of the question…Or is it??? Who knows what the fuck could happen next with Bush and Cheney calling the shots? If the US had actually supported the democratic upheavals in Latin America as opposed to slyly attempting to subvert the revolution that is now very much underway, the story could be so different. With Morales, bolstered by useful subsidies and political loyalty cortesy of Chavez, still riding on a wave of success in Bolivia, Rafael Correa maintaining his socialist command in Ecuador, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua careering at breakneck speed down similar paths, the future of the region looks very promising. For many years Western business interests have manipulated these countries to the detriment of provision for infrastructural improvements. But now times are changing. Fast.

While America (in particular) has adopted a ‘we are in charge of fuck you’ policy when dealing with their Southern neighbors, laying down sanctions and creating barriers to trade when faced with resistance, these countries, which with or without American friendship still possess highly prized resources, have been able to find other markets. Markets which are often considerably more lucrative than the previous
Washington tariffs allowed.

Due to his previous stints as Boss, self confessed Castro protégé, Chavez, is barred, according to the nations’ legal statutes, from running again in 2012 when this new term in office is set to expire. But Hugo, always the innovator, has a crafty plan to alter those laws, thus allowing him and his party to consolidate and expand their power base year after year. Failing a renewal of the cold war or a serious oil crisis, the future for Venezuela under Chavez looks red, very red

Fidel Castro with The Enforcer, Hugo Chavez(for a closer look into the mind of a madman, take a peek here )

Premiership review 1/12/2006

December 3, 2006

Boro v Man United

Despite the regular headless-chicken performances by Boro this season, they have fared unusually well against the top dogs in the league. So there was a certain amount of romantic hope flowing through the
Riverside ranks as the country’s most in-form team came to town. A win for United would point them 6 points clear of nearest rivals Chelsea, who don’t play this weekend.

The early exchanges were bossed by Fergie’s squadron. A Saha header was chested off the line, Ronaldo tested Schwarzer from range and Giggs should have buried a rebound effort. It was therefore no surprise when Saha picked up the ball 35 yards from goal, then threaded a delightful through ball into the box for Ronaldo to run onto then dive theatrically to the floor as Schwarzer’s agile frame suddenly blocked out all the light. The referee gave the penalty and brandished a Yellow card to the Aussie shot stopper; the spot kick converted with much improved accuracy from Saha for 0-1 20’. The replay of the ‘foul’ showed that Schwarzer didn’t make any contact with the Portuguese playboy.

 Boro immediately launched a fight back; the highlight of which was Xavier’s header against the bar after a perfect delivery into the area by Downing. But their blitz on the United goal ended as abruptly as it had begun with Ronaldo once again assuming the role of protagonist extraordinaire. The pretty bastard jumped over Boateng’s retreating left boot then went down as if he has been garroted. Moments later the Portuguese almost extended his side’s lead through a long range piledriver which was acrobatically tipped over the bar by Schwarzer. Completely against the run of play, in the 66th minute, Boro equalized. Downing again was the provider, flinging in a dangerous cross which fell to Morrisson via a defender’s head, the Boro striker finishing with style, volleying firmly past Van De Sar for 1-1  66’.

Two minutes later United’s ascendancy was re-affirmed when Ronaldo was sent through the Boro back-line. He thought about shooting but then, realizing that the angle was too acute for anyone but Lampard, chose instead of shooting to play the ball out to Giggs, who chipped back into the box where Fletcher arrived to head home for 1-2 68’.FT: 1-2

The scoreline deceptively flatters Boro. United dominated this game from start to finish and should have decimated their opponents long before half time. Nine wins from the last ten games is title form for
Ferguson and his determined, excitable squad and the confidence which builds as a team progresses through a period of exceptional form was plain for all to see. The passing and movement of Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs and Scholes was at times world class and if these players and the resolute central defensive pairing of Vidic and Ferdinand can all stay fit then I cannot see Chelsea catching this team. Boro acquitted themselves as best they could but the gulf of quality between the two teams was painfully obvious.

‘Keep your fucking distance swine, any closer and you will smudge my make-up’ screams Ronaldo…

Sheffield United V Charlton

If there is one team in the premiership who I would have to bet my right ball on to lose any fixture, it would be Charlton. The decision to ditch Dowie so soon into his stint as manager of the club and replace him with the tactically admirable by massively inexperienced Les Reed, has only plunged the club deeper into the mire. With both these teams currently idling in the drop zone a win was a must for all concerned, but as mentioned, Charlton are favourites for defeat in any encounter that the fixture list throws up, so the responsibility was with Sheffield United to make light of their foes’ unenviable position and use the match as a springboard out of the bottom 3.

The Blades started much the brighter with Quinn, on his debut, forcing a commendable save out of Charlton keeper, Carson, early on with a stunning volley. Rob Hulse proved a constant, twisting, barbed thorn in the Charlton belly, battling through to send shot after shot towards goal. His accuracy, thankfully for Les Reed and the beleaguered Addicks supporters, didn’t match his endeavour. It was a major shock to the world as a whole when the deadlock was broken by the visitors. Andy Reid’s clever running freed up Ambrose in the box whose shot was well saved, the rebound falling to the twinkle toes of Reid who made no mistake slotting the ball home from fully 3 yards out for 0-1 17’. Hulse continued to threaten at the other end while Charlton relied exclusively on the guile and invention of Reid, who was blatantly the most talented outfield player on show, to create openings on the break. Ambrose almost profited from another intelligent through ball from Reid but his route to glory was blocked sternly by Carson, who continues to impress between the sticks.

Justice was delivered in the 64th minute when a Gillespie inswinging corner found the head of Morgan who scored his first premiership goal. 1-1. And right at the death, that mad looking goat Gillespie popped back into the limelight to strike a wonderful first time volley into the far corner of the goal from 20 yards out. The goal was incredible not just for the technique deployed by the boss-eyed, much traveled,
Sheffield winger, but for the timing. A killer blow presented moments before the ref blew his whistle for full time.

A deserved victory for the home side. Warnock’s squad have now escaped from the drop zone for the first time since September. Worrying signs for Charlton. They lack solidity in defence, potency in attack and rely heavily on the cheerful Irishman in midfield, Andy Reid to conjure any goalmouth action in the opponent’s box. The January transfer window offers an opportunity for the new manager to bring in a few of his own choices to try stem the tide but it could prove too little too late for the Addicks who on recent form look destined for a long holiday in the Championship.

 FT: 2-1

Keith Gillespie scored a glorius winner for the Blades…

Arsenal v Spurs

With superstar Henry out injured the Spurs dressing room must have been unusually upbeat prior to the latest North London derby. History shows that the Gunners are often a shambles without their whining, petulant, world class striker. And with the Spurs attackers finally finding their range in their last few outings there was reason for optimism approaching this match.

Berbatov started well, jinking past a defender before setting up Malbranque for what looked like a prime chance to smash one past Lehman, but alas, the Frenchman fluffed his shot severely, sending the ball out for a throw. With 20 minutes on the clock, Fabregas played a ball over the static rearguard of Spurs, which fell inches from giant Adebayor’s size 18 feet. Unlike Ledley King and his buddies, the striker didn’t stop to question the validity of his position, instead choosing to stride towards goal and finish with aplomb past Robinson for a 1-0 lead. Replays suggest that the big man was onside.

Ljunberg was justifiably hacked into a crying heap by a melee of Spurs players as the visitors attempted to upset the quickening Gunners rhythm. But just before half time, as Rosicky prepared to apply the marzipan to a sweet flowing passing maneuver by his colleagues, CHimbonda stretched out his boot and upended the baby faced Czech in the area. Despite standing with a seemingly impossible view of the incident, the referee had no hesitation in awarding the penalty, which was duly dispatched by Gilberto for 2-0 to Arsenal. However, the replays confirmed that Chimbonda had in fact got his toe to the ball before making any contact with Rosicky. SO the spot-kick decision was a serious travesty of justice.

The second half saw greater effort from the visitors who had began to suspect that they were playing against a combined group of Arsenal and the officials. Jenas popped one towards goal from range before charging back towards his own area and bundling Van Persie to the ground. Again the ref showed no qualms when presenting the home team with another opportunity to score from the spot. Gilberto confidently converted his second of the match for 3-0. But as with the first penalty decision, the replays provided controversy, with Van Persie seen intentionally handling the ball prior to his ‘fall’ which earned the penalty.

 FT: 3-0

Terrible luck for Spurs. A welcome victory at the new Emirates stadium for an Arsenal team minus their French claws. History shows that Spurs have failed to win this fixture for the last 13 years.


Former winner of ‘tallest man in the world’, Arsenal striker Adebayor.

Reading v Bolton

Reading’s accomplishments in their first premiership season already warrant praise. Far from struggling to adjust to life in the top flight, Steve Coppell’s close knit, hard working side currently occupy a UEFA cup place. Whereas fellow new boys Watford and Sheffield United face an arduous uphill torment on the road to survival or ruin, Reading look set to become the latest Wigan. Bolton, despite Anelka’s recent demolition of former club Arsenal, are currently lacking decent form. Away from the Reebok stadium, the Northerners are far from the robust, determined outfit visitors find when they enter the
Bolton cauldron of death and destruction.

This was by no means a blockbuster for the neutral, but Reading fans will be amongst the happiest in the land after seeing Doyle head home Oster’s cross after 33 minutes for a 1-0 victory. Oster was impressive throughout with silky dribbling and reliable distribution and was unlucky to not mark his own name on the scoresheet on several occasions. Bolton’s only chance came when Nolan poked towards goal after a scrambler in the Reading 18 yard area. Interestingly, for the first time in my life I saw a goalkeeper, Jaskelannan of Bolton, booked for a foul on his opposing shot-stopper, in this case Hammeman. The Scandinavian had rushed forward to support the attack in the dying moments only to see his impression of ‘pressure’ crumple Hammeman to the ground and earn the Yellow..

Comfortable for Reading . Four wins on the trot at this level is worthy of congratulations from all areas. Good work Coppell.

 FT: 1-0

Bald as a coot, wise as an owl. Reading manager Steve Coppell.

Portsmouth V Villa

Both these teams have made their best premiership starts on record in the current campaign. Redknapp, aided by Joe Jordan and ex-England great, Tony Adams, has transformed the Fratton
Park troops into a formidable fighting unit capable of mixing it with the meanest of adversaries. While the wise, at times fierce, Martin O Neil has lifted Villa out of the doldrums through encouraging the development of talented youngsters and resurrecting the career of constantly grimacing Chris Sutton.

As for the action…In the 32nd minute Agbonlehor was sent through into the area with the ball at his feet only to be thwarted by the hulking frame of David James biting at his shins like a genetically modified rotveiller. Barry duly pumped the spot kick into the net for a healthy looking 0-1 lead. Portsmouth got back on level terms twenty minutes later after Benjani fought well down the right flank then delivered a teasing cross into the box which Taylor headed home for 1-1 52’. Barry went close to scoring again before handling in his own area affording a penalty to the home side which Taylor scored to send the crowd into raptures, 2-1 80’. However the lead didn’t last long because Colombian marksman Juan Pablo Angel struck a 25 yard rocket in the 88th minute which deflected cruelly off
Campbell then beat the ultra impressive James to snatch 2-2. Mendes was sent off after receiving his second yellow of the match and soon after, the final whistle was blown.

Both teams will feel aggrieved at leaving the field with only a point, especially Villa who were denied victory by yet another vintage display by veteran mercenary, David James. A fair result and both sides look good value for a top 6 finish.


Arch angel, Juan Pablo, descended from the heavens to score a delightful equaliser for Villa.

Blackburn V Fulham

With Niemi forced out due to injury, reserve keeper, Lastufka was plunged into the mainstream at the most welcoming of grounds in the country, Ewood Park. Both teams have suffered from indifferent results of late and Fulham especially were in great need of a return to consistency.

The new keeper didn’t seem suitably aware when Nonda latched his big toe onto a long ball from Henchoz, steering the ball past the bemused Lastufka for an early 1-0 lead 6’. Nonda’s strike partner, Benni Mcarthy soon extended the distance between the two teams by turning his defender before curling a right foot shot into the top corner of the goal for 2-0 on 22’. There were only two decent chances for the visitors to nick a goal but McBride’s header was saved and Jenson’s late drive was saved by the dependable Brad Freidel.

 FT: 2-0

Blackburn muscle-man, Nonda, opened the scoring.

Wigan V Liverpool

Craig Bellamy started for the second time in a week and vindicated his manager’s rare show of common sense by opening the scoring after 9 minutes. The self-confessed welsh-man cut in to the left channel of the box then finished strongly with his right foot. It was Bellamy again who scored the second of the match after connecting with a typically clever Gerrard through ball then slamming home for 2-0 26’. Mculloch should have reduced the deficit when a rebound fell kindly at his feet but his shot was miles over the bar. A swift counter-attack from Liverpool saw the ball rapidly exchanged between Gerrard and Bellamy, then the in-form striker became creator; Bellamy looking up to see Dutchman Kuyt arriving who proceeded to make the most of the gift of a pass to drill home from 12 yards out 0-3 lead.

The misery didn’t end there for Wigan as before the half time whistle offered respite Gerrard crossed into the box where Mculloch was well positioned to deflect the ball into his own net to send his side down to 0-4 on 44’.

Not much to note from the second period other than a wasted half chance for steamroller Heskey.

 FT: 0-4

Liverpool finally ended their abysmal run of shocking away performances while Wigan showed that they need a stint in the gulags to help them rediscover their form.

Craig, the son of nature Colonel, David Bellamy, hit a devastating double which ripped holes through the Wigan frigate’s sails.



Goal of the day: Keith Gillespie(S.United)

Cheating gimp of the day: C.Ronaldo

Best performance of the day: Taylor (Villa)