Only love can break your heart…

June 30, 2007

Let this rhyme serve as a wake-up call,

As A hefty slap in the face of the blind,

The World is at war, and it’s getting worse,

Pick up a paper and carnage is all you will find…


They call them terrorists,

But they are just people fighting Back,

Against the countries which after 9/11,

Called a conference then decided to attack…

Not those responsible for the kamikaze planes,

But instead, Afganistan and Iraq…


The rivers of blood that rage wild,

In Africa and the Middle East,

Are coming to our shores,

God has gone, now is the Era of the Beast…


We are witnessing an escalation,

Of Killing in the name of liberation,

The west can pretend it isn’t happening,

But our Way of Life is set to be threatened with cessation…


Only love can break your heart,

But nail bombs and bullets break your spine,

Millions of people want me dead,

Because of the actions of this democratic government of mine…


An apocalypse is coming,

It is something we cannot avoid,

Any hope of Peace in this century,

Has been well and truly destroyed…


By the scheming of warmongers,

By the greed of the few,

By the scum who abuse power,

Whilst saying they are looking after me and you….


I wish I could be more constructive,

But I see no solution,

The white man has gone too far,

We are well beyond any chance of absolution….



Hilary the Heinous…

June 30, 2007

Hilary Clinton is a dangerous Zionist wench who will cause as much if not more carnage to thousands of innocent people if she replaces brainbox Bush in the hotseat. Obama will most likely prove only a shimmering image of what politicians are meant to be i.e. Honest, sincerely for the people and in possession of integrity. But alas, those admirable traits do not and can not propel a candidate into the White House. There is too much power and money at stake for the real players to endorse a plucky young candidate who has at least so far displayed a modicum of morality. And without the support of the real players NOBODY can win the presidential race. I didn’t mind Bill Clinton. Wouldn’t say I respected him but there was an obvious lack of nastiness about his character which made him seem, at times, almost angelic when compared to his predecessors and successor. His wife however impresses upon me a distinctly cold blooded demeanour…. provides an adequate outline of the Clinton/AIPAC connection.

The more people exchange ideas and facts the more change is possible. Without the internet my own world knowledge would be horridly one sided because I would be limited to newspapers, terrestial TV news and my mates, for sources of news. Simply put, the internet offers a view of the news from every possible angle (unless you live in CHina). And the greater the number of angles from which to view a situation, the greater the chance of extracting Truth. Also, I think it is constructive for people to express themselves on the internet, not least because an average person has the ability to learn from others, especially others who are trusted or respected in some way.

I definately prefer to be reading the thoughts of people who like me are compelled, by law, to support actions which rape foreign or domestic people of their liberty. The more we all know, and for sure I personally can learn more of the world by locking horns with internet folk, the greater the chance of change. Even a change of opinion is better than ignorance. It follows, in my thinking, that it is somehow more honourable to be aware of what you are part of than to be voluntarily ignorant and bereft of not only compassion for those who die at the hands of our governments, but also of giult.

The first step of changing your environment is to be sure of your own position.

I can understand a person possessing awareness but choosing to combat the evils of the world,not through direct action but through spreading love. I think it does make a difference to the global soul. And I have recently re-adopted my own regime of showing Love to as many people I come across as possible, whether they want it or not…However I also like to spread Facts,however horrifying they may be,if I feel they can promote any form of positive change in thought, feeling or action…

Read, write, exchange ideas. And when you are sure of something which you feel isn’t widely known but needs to be more widely known, spread your ranting like the plague…

This World…

June 14, 2007

This world is one of promotions, profit margins, bonuses and deception. It is a world of meaningless handshakes, crocodile tears, hollow smiles and respect without organic roots. It is a world of towing the line, swallowing pride, looking the nicest and climbing the ladder…It is a world of giving in, accepting what we are told, cleverly designed slavery, expensive phones, plasma tv screens and oil guzzling status symbols. A world plagued by a lack of Honour, of real love, real compassion and virtue.A world which rewards not those who live with dignity, not those who want nothing more than to live life their way, but those who thrive on advancing themselves through selling their soul to the Dark Side, those who stomp on others to move swiftly up the food chain, those who lie, cheat and steal. A World in which true scum is revered while the righteous, the decent, the real children of Mother Earth are ridiculed, laughed at, despised and destroyed, cell by cell, day by day.
It is a World of toiling for the benefit of others, of blinkered awareness, of ignorance to the spiritual realm that produces and connects all that is Alive on this planet and in the Cosmos. It is a world of Sex without love, of fucking without feeling, of debasement without attonement. It is a world of punishment without forgiveness, selfishness without generosity, cruelty without kindness. It is a world where wings are clipped, feet are shackled, eyes gouged out, hearts burnt to crisps, and gentle souls lined up, hung drawn and quartered. A World where Dreams are shattered before they even take shape, replaced by darkness and rancour. It is a world of superficiality, cultural erosion, increased separation between Man and Nature. It is a World where the rich shit on the Poor, the strong devour the weak, the cunning manipulate the Dumb.
This is a world of carefully distributed propaganda, government sanctioned brainwashing, bloodless politicians and demon kings.

I am part of this World I so despise, I am a drop in this ocean of sewage, I am a tree which grows in this forest of horrors. SO why do I continue? If this world is as I write?? Why do I take another breath as the outward exhalation of de-oxygenated air is forced from my lungs???

I continue because hidden amongst the miasma of carnage and gloom can still be found Beauty so magnificent that it brings tears of joy to my eyes.
The beauty of the morning chorus of playful birds, the buzzing of bees as they move from flower to flower, the rain and the wind, the four legged beasts, the fish and the coral, the jungles, the great rivers, the mountains and canyons. The beauty of the Moon’s effect on the vast Seas which separate the land dwellers, the sun’s rays sparkling off calm tropical waves, the lightning and the thunder. The beauty of a wolf howling, a new born baby crying, a cobra hissing, a horse neighing, a seagull squawking and a grasshopper jumping. The beauty of Friendship, of a mother’s unwavering affection for her children, of the innocence of adolescence.
Of all the Beauty I can see and feel in this world, nothing comes close to the beauty of True Love. The beauty of feeling like two people are snowflakes from the same blizzard, raindrops from the same storm, soul-mates, meant to be…The feeling of having someone else in your blood, running through your veins, sharing every thought and reaction, not only witnessing but gladly reveling in your Existence as if they themselves are Part of you and you are Part of them. True Love which fills you with Pride, with warmth deep inside, with meaning, with purpose. Intense as it is rare, this kind of Beauty, forgives as well as forgets, blossoms as everything else decays, adds hope to a hopeless world. It is unavoidable, unchangeable, indomitable. It is Peace but also Fire, Water but also Earth, Real but also Magical and beyond any scientific measure. It is the richest wine of Life that can be drunk, often the hardest to face but also the most blissful connection of souls…When you can see your own reflection beaming out of another’s eyes with pure joy and pure love, this world is undeniably Beautiful…It makes no sense, but it is perfection. It is my raison d’etre….

the blood, the guts and butchers cleavers…

June 10, 2007

Back amongst the under achievers,

The non believers,

The blood, the guts and butcher’s cleavers..


Smiling at the same old faces,

Wishing gamblers good luck as they purchase prawns before going to the races,

Planning my next expedition into exotic far away places…


My second stint in this store, you could call it a sequel,

I’m glowing in the warmth that comes from treating everyone as my equal,

Life is so much richer when I show love to all people…


I’ve been welcomed back by customers and staff with open arms and bright eyes of joy,

Reverted seamlessly to being the most sociable fishmonger that Sainsbury has ever had the good fortune to employ,

So many friends sincerely pleased to see the very Dan that my Past has been trying hard to destroy…


The only problem is that it was here that I met Her,

It was over this counter our eyes first connected and inspired that first poetic letter,

 It was in the same smoking room when we first spoke and I knew then that I had to get Her…


But why go down that road, even in words??

Because even if I swear that our Love is as Natural as the bees and the birds,

The reality appears to be that she cares for me as Saddam regarded the Kurds…


The bottom Line is that I am happy to be back here, but I am not sure how long I will stay,

For now it is cool Getting paid to chat, to make new connections and to play,

But I have loose plans of buying a ticket to Cambodia and a backpack next year, maybe in May….

The winds wouldn’t blow

June 5, 2007

I cause the rain and the snow,
The northern lights to glow,
I provide the soil in which life can grow…
If it wasn’t for me,
The winds wouldn’t blow…

I gave you the riches,
I gave you the fuel,
I gave you a planet to share with the others,
But all you wanna do is kill and rule….
Pillage and rape,
Contort my beautiful form,
Into some ugly disfigured shape.
Leaving me Poisoned and polluted,
Too toxic to touch even when cleansed and diluted….

Survival doesn’t seem enough,
You always wanting more,
With all your bickering and hating,
You’re pushing me near to starting my own kinda war..
Is that what you want?
Haven’t you witnessed my power?
Or do you still assume all I can do is cause a hail shower?

I hope not,
Cos you’d be wrong,
My wrath would be devastating,
Severe and strong,
Your existence would be finished,
As I acted upon my growing suspicion that your stay on this planet has gone on too long…

Hurricanes, tornadoes,
Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes,
Maybe you’ll start respecting my worth,
When the lava is flowing and the ground beneath your feet shakes….

Who the fuck am I?
I’m nature,
And humanity,
I’m telling you all that I hate ya

(NOV 2005)

Hey Mario

June 5, 2007

Hey Mario,
What can I say?
Thanks a lot for helping make me the man I am today,
Cos you picked me up ,
When I was down,
Not even gasping for breath,
Under the water, and accepting that I was gunna drown,

My star had truly fallen,
And landed on the dark side of the moon,
I had been trying to eat soup with a fork,
Till you gave me some bread and a spoon…
and worked hard to re-instill,
parta my spirit,
that i thought my X had been cruel enough to killl..

You taught me the italian way to cook,
That its cool to leap,
But only after you’ve taken a good look,
The knowledge that can be imparied from a historical book,
So much,
If we’d stayed in brighton longer,
You probably would have taught me some dutch…

You helped me to express,
The latin blood which flows so strong,
You seem to treat everyone you meet,
Completely right, never wrong…
You could see the beauty of a woman,
Without needing to see her dressed in a thong…

You gave me a great example,
Of how to be a man,
Ive always been missing a dad,
So maybe you were part of destinys master plan….

youll always have my respect,
you’ll always have my love,
meeting people like you,
makes me believe our lives our governed by a force that exists high above,

Thanks for your friendship,
Thanks for your care,
Thanks for all the amazing food,
And For showing me its okay to have big hair.

I wish you well,
With beglium and your wicked wife,
I wish in boca al lupo,
And know we’ll stay friends for life…..

(sep 2005)

Mother Nature

June 5, 2007

Maybe she’s had enough?
Maybe weve pushed her too far?
By dirtying the water,
And covering the land with hot tar.
Mutliating her forests,
Killing life all over the place,
Just cos we fuckin can
Maybe mother nature has decided,
Its high time to start taking humanity out of her master plan…

Earthquakes, floods,
Then the big tsunami,
The kind of devastation that cant be seen off by an billion $ army…
And now the hurricane,
Causing so much damage,embarssment and pain…..

Only in america,
Can you see rape+murder increase,
In times of emergency,
When there arent enough police..

But bush doesn’t care,
An sympathetic sentiment on the matter,
Im sure he doesn’t share…
He is far more concerned with showing the world by force that is america who decides what is ‘right’ and ‘fair’

Anyway, like I was saying,
Whether you believe or not that someone Is listening to all the praying,
You must believe,
That there is a major force at work,
completely out of our control.
Without which, the world would simply not feel whole.

And this power,
That’s resposnisble for the blossoming of each flower,
May have had its limit,
Of the race called human,
Its obvious that if it wanted to destroy us,
It could grind us up like cumin…..
So I hope that I am wrong,
With these fears of retaliation,
For our ignorant and greedy abuse of the beautiful world supplied to us by the same energy resposnible for creation……..

(SEp 05)