LeggsMC (and WHitey)

July 21, 2007

As a self-proclaimed conniseur of decent rhymes I had been very dissapointed with the state of British HipHop for many years, that was up until ten days ago when I was introduced to the talents of a local emcee called LegsMC. I can’t say I have heard the full breadth of his work, but what I have heard thus far, strikes me as the finest homeland hiphop I have encountered…His rhymes have feeling and meaning and he certainly has Something useful to say. I will be checking out his next show here in Brighton, offering my support to a fellow artist who hopefully will gain the credit his work deserves. But in the meantime I feel like I should start spreading his name and music to as many people with ears and receptive minds as possible…
Give the guy a few minutes of your time:>

I spoke to him very briefly after his performance last week and he seemed to be a throughly decent and accommodating chap. Both Modest and friendly…With so much bullshit wrongly labelled as ‘hip/hop’ and ‘rap’ filling the heads of the mindless these days, it is refreshing to hear an emcee who puts his heart and soul into his art…

edit- Since connecting with LEGGS I have had my eyes and ears opened to the talents of another local rhymesayer. Of the same class and clan as LEGGS, I would strongly reccomend that you check out mr. WHITEY…Of the few tracks I have heard Firefly stands out an an instant classic.http://profile.myspace.com/whiteyproductions