Tales from the counter Volume1:cum stained teeth

Sainsbury’s, at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon, is not the Right kind of scene for drunk and disorderly townie hags, yet here they are, hooting and whooping, cackling like witches in heat, bearing rotten cum-stained teeth with every hyena laugh.… “Don’t come to me you wenches!”, I whisper in my head…but alas, it’s too late…I just can’t help but stare when I see someone either naturally beautiful or brutally repulsive…extremes excite my senses.
got tooth ache, darling…heeheeeheee…so we been down the pub” the crone wails across the counter at me, her breath putrid with the bitter aroma of stale lager and pork scratchings…
I’ll have a bag of mussels, please…hahahhahahhahahahah’ she continues, blissfully unaffected by my complete reluctance to return her high spirits with anything but the steely gaze of a tiger shark mulling over whether to swim by or rip to shreds the bloated creature serving itself up for perusal.
I guess it will numb the pain, the alcohol I mean…try single malt…se ya round” is as warm as I can be as I hand her the quickly wrapped bag of mussels. She leaves the counter and rejoins the human caravan…Screwing up her face in disgust, her friend notices the marine purchase…
“For fucks sake!…I can’t be doing with anything with eyes” she quips before roaring into more raucous laughter..
Eyes…Mussels with Eyes…If I was King these swine breeds would be put to the sword or sold to the Chinese as fuel.Hohoho!


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