an ewok emotive core…

She is my pet kitten,
soft and playful,
driven by a near constant search for mischeif.

She is my mouse,
squeaking with loving displeasure,
as her body claims by brute force,
a lion’s share of the bed.

She is my elixir of sublime bliss,
her face red,
her cheeks flushed,
and glowing,
her mouth stuck in a smile,
sweat dreading her hair,
after we have fucked,
after we have coated our bubble with love,
after my tongue,
has raised the temperature of her womanocean,
to scorching.

she is a bermuda triangle wind,
shifting sporadically,
into myserious gloom,
spinning my internal compass,
with a mere glance…

she is unfathomed,
until she can fathom herself,
but what i can fathom,
is blazing sunshine,
volcanic heat,
an ewok emotive core.

she is more nature,
than human,
more snow,
tha plastic,
more earth,
than moon.

she is my everything,
and all i want,
all i need,
all i can do,
is make her happy,
because waking by her side,
drinking in her nubile form,
her divine radiance,
rising like mist,
from the porcelan lake beneath her fur,
is truly heavenly.

She is peace of mind,
fire of body,
shangri-la of soul.


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