born in pain

Born in pain,
Cruel enough to end his maternal entry point to this realm,
Passed around like an unwanted, troublesome puppy, who barked too much for the neighbours,
A dark prince developed,
As he grew,
According to his experience,
According to his self,
which appeared in stages,
as light flashed on his soul,
through turmoil,
through grief,
through life…

I’ve traveled far and wide,
met few who I consider wise,
but this man,
is one of three,
who I consider devastatingly potent,
in the area of sagacity…

he just knows.

And when you complement that knowledge,
With an unwavering determination,
To be nothing other,
Than himself,
You find a prince…

I am thankful,
For whatever forces have crossed our tangled paths,
Because he is one man,
Of three,
Of billions,
Who I trust implicitly,
To whom I listen,
To whom I love like a brother,
Like a part of myself.

He knows…
A righteously regal element of the universe as I know it…
It’s a shame I don’t know his formula,
Cos if I was king,
I would kill everyone, plant his seed, and grow it…

Its when I look at the reaction to this man,
Of mainstream strangers,
That I hate this world…

Because he has more worth to what every decent creature has ever fought for,
Than a million of the clones,
A million of the sheep,
A million of those who need to be told how to exist,
A million of those who despise the Individual,
A million of those who are scared of their selves…

Fuck them,
Love him….
I do…


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