cut all suspect connections…

I thought this raft was made of feathers,
But now I see, after a storm or three,
That its made of wood,
Im doing what I want,
What my heart craves,
Not what I should…
The cave is tidy,
My mother is at war with me
but my lady and friends adore me,
And I feel good…

I was a wild child,
I saw life as it is, at a young age,
I hoped it was more,
But I couldn’t see it,
Which is why I seeked a sage…
While I battered these keys,
Ran pens dry on this page…

Born out of something other than love,
But not quite hate,
I was taught to distrust,
But seek trust,
When I was just a nipper…
By the man who now,
I want to visit,
Pour gasoline over his body,
Then take a clipper….
Light the fuel,
Watch him burn,
Watch him take his turn….
Gain the revenge that I yearn…

There is war in my blood,
There are demons in my veins,
Ive learned, as my past has revealed itself,
To stop reacting to the pains,
That erupt in my soul,
As frequently, as it rains…

But they remain there,
And one day I will be faced with a foe,
Who will bear the brunt,
Of all my woe,
They will be left bleeding, probably dead,
While the people close to me scream ‘JUST GO’


I know nothing,
But I call myself wise.
I hate people who betray those close to them,
But I am constantly telling myself lies…

Because I want perfection,
Though my mind knows it don’t exist,
If my heart was as aware of the world as my psyche,
I would take the sword from work and cut my wrist…

I can count on half of one hand,
Those I have found whose love is true,
Maybe its best for me to cut all suspect connections,
Spread my wings, take flight, seek out fertile soil and start anew…


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