Juventus v Inter 18th April, 2009

I am happy with a 1-1 as it could have been much worse for us. We are inferior to Inter in many departments, and the screams from the bottom of the lungs of our team, for some decent creativity and distribution from midfield were deafening. Yes we were missing Momo and Marchisio, with whom we would have definitely been more solid in the middle. Tiago’s challenge was dumb, he should be fined…an especially dumb move as we had just moved to a trident in attack and really needed at least our central trio of nedved, tiago, poulsen, to stay on the field…Del piero had another very poor game, and Giovinco offered more threat than him even though he was only on the pitch for 10-15 minutes…Legro made a lovely challenge on Ibra in the first half, which deserves an honourable mention. Grygera spent the whole game persuading me that he is in fact worse than the much malligned Molinaro, who was wretched at passing but fairly solid at the back for much of the game., then just when i was writing the Czech off as the worst right back I have ever seen in Juve jersey, he scores the late equalizer…Thats the beauty of football eh!…We were outclassed on the flanks, completely, until De Ceglie and Giovinco were on the field. Nedved was poor, marchionni has the second touch of a drunk bear, and as I have said many times, surely now, must be shot. Chiellini and Buffon did well…Iaquinta fought hard…No time for Trez. A decent result, given the circumstances. Man of the match…Buffon. Diego will be perfect for us. Our team is desperate for his talents.

The Unlikely Angel

The Unlikely Angel


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