Gaddafi..Pariah or…something else entirely?

October 29, 2011

Pack the Pipe seems the perfect bizarre ride away from the horrors that I am about to unload upon anyone unfortunate enough to read my squeals of factual carnage…

This is aimed more directly at the Americans, English, frogs than anyone else, but regardless, it should make for interesting reading and consumption as smooth as a plate of shark’s teeth over penne and bear shit.

Well…no point beating around the bush, may as well get straight to the femurs…and so…

The world witnessed this week, in graphic detail, the torture and execution of Colonel Gaddafi. The most recent international pariah was leaving his hometown stronghold of Sirte, in a convoy, which was bombed from the heavens above, by a US drone. That didn’t finish The Boss, who managed to hide in a tunnel, but was soon found, already bloodied up, by those NATO supported rebels, who some call revolutionaries…The lynch mob proceeded to stab, sodomize with a knife, then execute the former mad king of Libya, before displaying his body in an icy butcher’s store, in order to allow a lengthy line of The New Order the chance to have the photo taken next to the body. If they didn’t manage to get their fill, there was always the corpse of one of Gaddafi’s sons, presented similarly, in another butchery department nearby.

This wonderful ‘arab spring’ eh??? When all the good guys rise up against the bad guys, and with a little help from our own rulers, take power by force, and scream with wild joy.

What occurred in Libya was no revolution, the oppressed rising up against tyrants and winning their liberty. It was a NATO sponsored insurrection, designed to take out the head of a ruling party which was causing the major foreign powers financial concerns. When NATO talk of a ‘no fly zone’, we now know that this equates to ‘aerial bombardment, of hospitals, bridges, waterlines, schools and of course; escaping convoys’. Make no mistake, this was not in the slightest a Good v Bad battle. This was not a revolution demanded by, forced by, carried out by, the Libyans. Without the NATO bombs, these rebels would have been slaughtered, and I dare to say, and rightly so. For from what I can gather, from known facts, Gaddafi was not quite the despotic savage he has understandably been made out to be by the western media institutions.

Rather than solely my own ultra subjective opinion to back that last statement up, lets focus on some real hard facts…facts which I highly doubt will ever be spread through the major western media institutions.

In 2009, Libya sat at the top of the table for Africa on the Human Development Index. According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Libya “has made strides in public health and, since 1980, child mortality rates have dropped from 70 per thousand live births to 19 in 2009. Life expectancy has risen from 61 to 74 years of age during the same span of years.”

The WHO (world health organization) has described Libya’s public health care prior to Operation Odyssey Dawn in the following terms: “Health care is available to all citizens free of charge by the public sector. The country boasts the highest literacy and educational enrolment rates in North Africa. The Government is substantially increasing the development budget for health services…” Similarly, UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics demonstrates a high literacy rate of 89% (99% for the youth), a primary school enrolment rate of 97%, while according to the World Bank, “In a relative short period of time, Libya achieved universal access for primary education, with 98% gross enrolment for secondary, and 46% for tertiary education. In the past decade, girls’ enrolment increased by 12% in all levels of education.”

After NATO began their bombing campaign, this rally was caught on camera… … WzNhk3zv4U
An estimated 1.5 million people, of a population of 6 million…do you really believe that all those people were encouraged with a gun to their heads, to show their support in such huge numbers???

It’s interesting to note how the BBC reported on Gaddafi’s Great Man Made River Project back in March 2006, a time when he was in favour with the West. Quite rightly, the BBC used phrases such as, “it is impossible not to be impressed with the scale of the project,” and “It is hard to fault the Libyans on their commitment. They estimate that when the Great Man-Made River is completed, they will have spent almost $20bn. So far, that money has bought 5,000km of pipeline that can transport 6.5 million cubic metres of water a day from over 1,000 desert wells. As a result, Libya is now a world leader in hydrological engineering, and it wants to export its expertise to other African and Middle-Eastern countries facing the same problems with their water.” It is the world’s largest irrigation project.
Or rather, it was. In July of 2011, NATO bombed the pipeline, adding to the expanding list of war crimes committed by the organization whose mission in Libya was based on the “responsibility to protect” civilians. Some estimate that in the region of 30,000 people have been killed since NATO began attacking Libya in March, and there is clear evidence that the destruction of the water supply is far from the only contravention of the laws of war committed by NATO in Libya. None of which should come as a surprise: as with all of NATO’s previous “interventions”, schools, hospitals, electric power stations, basic infrastructure and built up civilian districts have taken heavy losses and often been reduced to rubble, ready for the IMF to enter the fray with reconstruction packages – this is where the real looting begins.
(http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf … e29524.htm)
It does not take much more digging into the easily available archives to find that Gaddafi was responsible for:

Hugely aiding the ANC in their battle against apartheid in South Africa.
Pumping $300m into a project to send into space the first African owned satellite, which had the definite benefits of halting in its tracks an annual $500m lease fee, plus interest on the debt, for use of the European satellites for all satellite based communications.
Forcing the issue of the African Monetary Fund, giving the African continent the chance to rule its own monetary affairs, taking away the power from the IMF to basically hold Africa to ransom, as heavily as it pleased.
As seen above: greatly increasing the physical well being of the majority of Libyans, in terms of health and education and life expectancy.

For a more detailed explanation head here:>
http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf … e27936.htm

For anyone who has made it this far, surely something seems amiss?

It is not in any way my intention to paint The Colonel as a white knight, but to me, when even a few of the facts behind his rule become apparent, like with Saddam, I see most clearly, a Western Grudge carefully packaged as ‘support for a revolution of the oppressed’…which just also happens, to likely lead to the horrific destruction of a society and of course, the lining of the pockets of the Western powers who made this happen…its a fucking disgrace.

I often read the Guardian, but they have proven themselves absolutely and constantly and intentionally deceitful. Running pieces from Libyans who write passionately about ‘every single Libyan harmed by gaddafi in the last 40 years’…well, why have they neglected to apply objectivity, through also mentioning what i have outlined above???

There is no doubt in my mind, that like Saddam, if you crossed Gaddafi you were dead, and likely so was your family…but if you wanted to do nothing more adventurous, than play your part in society, enjoy solid healthcare, get educated, cause no trouble, then you were fine and dandy. Compare this with our own rulers…

Anyone in the US, UK, Australia and other countries I cannot vouch for presently, PAID THEIR TAXES, and so are responsible, directly or indirectly (however you view it), for an invasion and destruction of three countries in the last decade. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya…but wait a second…weren’t those same despots our friends???

Does it strike you as rather odd, that the UK and France, two of the major governments responsible for bombing the fuck out of Gaddafi’s forces, actually armed Gaddafi over the last few years…??? It makes more sense when you realize that the West armed the Taliban and Saddam, and likely also, any other country we are soon to invade.

Before I cut this chord of disharmony, I will mention my own predictions regarding Who Will We Invade Next…

The debts of the West are staggering and impossible to cure without crunching other countries and peoples in the name of ‘spreading democracy’. Baghdad was a city you and I could have visited pre-invasion, yet now, nobody other than a suicidal maniac or well trained mercenary, would even ponder heading there. These wars are about money. They are nothing to do with liberation…only a fool contest such a statement. I try hard to envy the Dumb, who are plentiful and growing in number, but I cannot un-learn, un-know, and so I am stuck, with a soiled with rage and despair soul and increasingly vicious spirit, wanton for Justice, wanton mainly for my taxes to be used in a righteous manner. Is this too much to ask????

The OCCUPY movement is mildly interesting, but ultimately pointless, for nothing other than direct action can make the change that is desperately needed.

I read the reports, i spoke with eye-witnesses, and the end conclusion I came to, in regards to the OCCUPY movement here, was that the vast bulk of spastic wannabe beatnik scum involved were nothing more than financially comfortable cunts, pretending to be eager for change. But when your only line is ‘we are the people!’. I ask in return, ‘and what????? what do you want??? what is your point??? when you seem to be campaigning against corporate greed, camping opposite McDonalds, where you visit to grab your cheap burgers…do you not see how that makes your ONLY point mute???…I guess ARE the people, yes I hear you, but what does that mean????’…

If a group has form for invading foreign lands, destroying their infrastructures and societies, raping their land of resources, do you really think that camping in the city and roaring in unison ‘we are the people’ is going to cause any constructive change???

Sorry…I got distracted by a rancid tangent of gloom and doom…back to the story…recently, a former 4 star US general said that the US government has a plan of invading seven countries in five years…i cannot dispute the first three countries on his list, as they have actually been invaded…Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya…Nor can i begin to show argument against his next suggestions, of Syria then Iran…for the western media is daily gung ho in their attempts to like with saddam, like with the Taliban, like with gaddafi, demand of their people to believe that these people are truly evil…Syria seems the most likely next target. Which is workable, militarily so. Iran is a different matter altogether, as an invasion will surely lead to a grounded war, which the result of is far from certain…

The other countries likely to be invaded, are apparently Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan.
(http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf … e29129.htm)

I am not placing myself into some niche of righteousness, nor abusing you for failing to do the digging I have done, in order to find at least, slightly more of the facts than our own societies present to us. My aim is to do what I can, short of heading to the Gaza Strip and offering my services as a sniper. Which amounts to…making others aware of the reality of our own governments.

What bothers me most is not the lack of awareness, but the lack of love between us. We are literally playing into the hands of those who govern us. In the least, regardless of whether you are an OCCUPY protester, or preparing yourself to head to a training camp on the outskirts of Mogadishu, or a housewife concerned only and understandably with taking care of your own…PLEASE, in the least, just try to show love to not just your family and friends, but to all humans on the planet…unless such people are cunts, in which case, avoid them, make them well aware that your pour scorn on their modus operandis.

My own desires are for love, passion, mixing constantly with wicked creatures, and lust. This politics routine is something i feel a need, not desire, to engage with, and embrace, in the hope that I can spread FACTS which are otherwise not presented.

Make no mistake, I am as selfish as any man. I want nothing more than to be beautifully entangled with a wicked woman, who loves both me and my hellhound, to save gold nuggets, then head to the south of Italy, renovate a dilapidated farmhouse, grow allsorts of fruit and vegetables and vodka and weed and mescaline, run naked wild and free, and be near enough to the ocean to dive in regularly during the sunnier months of the year…

The only women I know who could even potentially be my Queen, are presently with other men, and due to my constant demand for Honour, I wont push my eagerness onto them, for they are lovely enough moments in my life to be happy and grateful for the interaction which exists in my day to day life….so…i am left with…my demand to WRITE, and am afforded a near total focus upon my more volatile facets.

I want to grow snow peas, I want to make my own dark and highly potent rum, I want to be rolling around in bed with a nubile minx as raindrops create a soothing symphony on the roof and windows and earth outside…but failing that, in this period, i want to make my existence useful, and so…be advised that the recent ‘support of democracy’ in Libya, is not at all as it seems. we have supported, likely for the majority unwittingly, the overthrow of a Leader who did seemingly more Right than Wrong, and in his place, we have bombed, killed, massacred, slaughtered into the throne of power, a group of mutually hateful tribes, who when they find the former leader, on the run, smile as we bomb him, shoot him, stab him, sodomize him with a large knife, execute him, then tell the world that they are set to enforce strict sharia law, in the ‘new libya’. So…
watching that, which was no surprise, but nonetheless horrible…horrible…fucking disgraceful…tears running down my cheek, rage rising from the gut of my stomach…fuck Sharia Law. THAT is a reason to liberate a people, especially the women…


News, 1st March, 09, Birds with Toxic Feathers

March 1, 2009

The tide is turning, or at least appears to be, in American military circles with two US soldiers convicted of savagery beyond their remit, in the last week, for crimes committed in Iraq. A court in Fort Campbell, Kentucky showed that morality can overcome patriotic fanaticism, when faced with the case of Michael Behenna, who shot dead Ali Mansour Mohammed last year when interrogating him about a roadside bombing.
Behenna the butcher

Behenna’s defense counsel has asserted that the soldier had acted in self defense though the court, after examining the evidence, found that the soldier was guilty of assault, though pre-meditated murder could not be proven. His attorney, Jack Zimmerman, explained that his client had been suffering from acute stress and anxiety after losing two members of his platoon to the roadside bomb. Yet, military prosecutor, Capt Jason Elbert, countered this claim with a conclusion that the accused had “controlled the whole situation as an officer of the US Army, armed and protected and under no threat”. Several days before the trial, another US soldier gone berserk, Sgt Michael Leahy Jr, was convicted of the murder of four Iraqi detainees, after they were interrogated, executed then dumped in a canal. The army medic had taken part in the interrogation of the unfortunate suspects of an attack on US soldiers in Baghdad. Despite the likely harsh methods deployed to extract the information required, the investigative team could not find enough evidence to charge the detainees. Rather then allow them to leave their custody, the men were blindfolded, gagged then shot from close range in the head. Leahy will get a life sentence in jail coupled with a dishonorable discharge from the armed service. The others involved in the crime are to be tried over the coming weeks.

I watched an interesting documentary last week, created by Channel Four’s (English terrestrial station) Dispatches team, which tried to explain what has happened to the $US22bn of Iraqi money that the US took hold of after the toppling of Saddam. It was a horrifying yet unsurprising tale involving theft on a unprecedented scale, and complicity of the government. Invoices supplied by US companies involved in the rebuilding work were found to be often astronomical inflations of the real costs, and in many cases tantamount to plain theft. Bundles of cash were literally handed out and rarely accounted for.

Cheney’s old buddies at Halliburton, recently accepted that they had made a few minor errors with their calculations for work done in Iraq, overcharging the CPA group responsible for the allocation of Iraqi funds by $US7m. That is the tip of an iceberg of war profiteering that has left much of the country far worse off than before ‘liberation’. Anyone who thinks that the US has improved Iraq is mistaken. Their health system prior to the US led invasion, was heralded as a shining example of what could be achieved in the region, yet now, after much of that $US22bn has been apparently given to the health services, the state of the Iraqi health system has degenerated to what is expected of a third world country with basic supplies unavailable to most hospitals and the work carried out under the supervision of US companies botched, or simply not completed. One of the first of several sweeping changes made to the Iraqi health service during the early months of the rebuild, was the dispensing of services of ALL ba’athists involved in the sector, including the doctors. The majority of these people were medical staff with no affiliation to Saddam other than sharing an ideology based on the principle foundations of the Ba’athist movement. (founded in Damascus in the 1940s by Michel Aflaq, a Syrian intellectual, as the original secular Arab nationalist movement, to unify all Arab countries in one State and to combat Western colonial rule that dominated the Arab region at that time. In Arabic, baʿath means renaissance or resurrection(wikipedia) ). Taking these people out of the system was strongly condemned by the British, but the Yanks thought better. Unfortunately, there weren’t the necessary skills in place in the non-ba’athist communities to replace those dismissed, hence a hole appeared in the expertise offered by the health service. But that is merely one area that was due massive investment but received very little, if anything at all…There are plenty of others vying for the unwanted title of ‘Parts of Iraq most fucked over by the US…Sewage plants, electricity supplies, gas refineries, roads, bridges…all of these areas should have been improved, repaired. But the money was stolen. And when questioned about this, the US government refused to listen, preferring instead to smile for the cameras and talk big numbers for the crowds, hoping to persuade everyone that what they had done, and were doing, was RIGHT.

There was a huge amount of money available for the reconstruction of Iraq. But the majority of these monies were dispensed with neither financial efficiency or a desire to improve the war ravaged country. Its easier to make sense of this horror show when the fact that the highest chain of command running the Coalition Provisional Authority, was the Pentagon. Indeed, those skilled in the art of destruction not reconstruction. How could this happen*** I screamed…but the answer revealed itself before the end of the program, a final nail in the coffin of hope…The Pentagon controlled CPA decided, that for the good of Iraq:>
‘American law was suspended’. Iraqi law was suspended. And Iraq basically became a free fraud zone, ‘says Allan Grayson, a Florida-based Attorney who represents whistle blowers trying to expose corruption. ‘In a free fire zone, you can shoot anybody you want. In a free fraud zone, you can steal anything you like’.
Its a fucking disgrace.

“The CPA did not establish or implement sufficient managerial, financial and contractual controls to ensure that [Development Fund for Iraq] funds were used in a transparent manner,” said Stuart W. Bowen Jr., director of the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, in late 2006. His investigation found that $8.8bn had gone missing from the Iraqi money given to the CPA. That isn’t merely shoddy invoicing but theft.

But that story isn’t why I regurgitated that bullshit routine. I was reminded of the above story by the report I read about the convicted soldiers. Because the reporter in Iraq working for Channel Four’s Dispatches, during the course of filming, was awoken in the night by his daughter screaming, and gunshots ripping into the walls of his building. Soon after, the front door was smashed down, American soldiers barged in, beat the hell out of his uncle and father, forced his face into the floor, then dragged him off in shackles for interrogation. If it wasn’t for the British Ambassador making emergency demands for his release, he may well have followed the same sorry exit route from life of those that Captain Leahy Jnr and his buddies ‘interrogated’. The reporter was freed from captivity the next day, shaken, battered, bruised, and determined to remove his family from Iraq, because of the Americans. They had no suspicions of his status as a reporter, or of the nature of the documentary he was making for Channel Four. It was merely a surprise random search for insurgents. Finding neither arms nor fanatics, the soldiers had to take someone in for questioning, as justification for destroying a building, traumatizing children and just for added measure, using civilian’s cars for bazooka target practice. Had they known of his documentary, they probably would have killed him, and his family for good measure…

The remainder of the money entrusted by the UN to the CPA was given to the Iraqi government once it had formed, but in the weeks leading up to that handover, CPA officials were told by their superiors to spend as much as they could as quickly as they could. Liberation indeed.

Power to the CHavez, the latin american robin hood.

Venezuelan Emperor Hugo Chavez has continued his trend of recovering national assets and resources out of the hands of foreign companies by ordering the army into the rice fields in order to ensure that fair prices are set for domestic suppliers. First it was oil, then construction, and now basic food supplies. Chavez, who famously declared at a UN summit in 2006 that George Bush is ‘the devil’, reacted to criticism of his recent attempts to provide basic necessities for the poorest of his people with this statement:
“This government is here to protect the people, not the bourgeoisie or the rich.”. Producers of rice failing to meet the government imposed tariffs will face expropriation, a measure which will further inflame particularly US businesses who have major holdings in the Venezuelan markets. And with the huggable Hugo winning the chance to campaign for a third term in office, the policy is likely to be extended to other areas of industry.

The British Ministry of Defence has unveiled plans to develop prototypes of new technologies, with the pick of the bunch:
A device which can scan terrain, unhindered by snow, dust, clouds or smoke, which is set to make future Teledyne equipped military aircraft safer for landing purposes in hostile regions.


Sensing and Automotive Tactical Urban Reconnaissance Network. The system is a fusion of Unmanned aerial and unmanned ground technologies and will extend the abilities of troops to scan areas prior to human entrance, for threats. It should be able to distinguish between civilians and combatants and presently is unarmed. Other abilities include noting open windows, flying close enough to buildings to peek inside if movement is noted, climbing stairs if accessible from the ground and taking snapshots of key exit and entry points.
Research and development is continuing for a machine which can camouflage tanks or other vehicles with images of the surrounding terrain making the target appear invisible to the enemy. A soldier at the most recent trials said
“This technology is incredible. If I hadn’t been present I wouldn’t have believed it. I looked across the fields and just saw grass and trees – but in reality I was staring down the barrel of a tank gun.”

Lets leave Man’s war on Man alone now and focus instead on the less vicious beasts with whom we share the planet…After a year of planning, scientists have finally ventured into the lost world of previously untouched deep jungle in Papua New Guinea. There aim is to find enough proof of valuable nature to support legal proceedings to ensure the area is protected for future generations to study, learn from and hopefully leave as pristine as possible. Their finds so far include:
Friendly Tree Kangaroos…
Having never seen humans before, these critters were more intrigued than scared. So inquisitive of their guests, that they were happy to be picked up, cradled like toys and photographed.
Assassin Bugs
To capture this beast on film, photographer George McGavin suffered greatly. Before entering its lair, he knocked his head on a spiked vine, fell to the rocks tearing a hole in his flesh, regained his composure, pushed on, fell again, this time splitting his skull on a stalagmite, but still continued, and emerged from the gloomy cave with the beast on camera and blood pouring from his head, triumphant…

Dragon-like Monitor Lizards
This sneaky bastard took a while to capture. Near their camp, the intrepid explorers had noticed a large nest of eggs, which seemed to diminish in number far quicker than the natural order of hatchings. Setting up the camera over night nearby, they caught this thieving monitor, 4 feet long, stealing the eggs under the disguise of darkness.

One of the expedition party concluded, after the end of the third day en route deeper into the undergrowth,
“In base camp, we too have come under attack; not from the lizards, or the crocodiles we’ve seen in the river, or even the highly venomous snakes we’ve encountered on the trails, but from a host of other tropical nasties.
These include: multiple vicious wasp stings, poisonous catfish, birds with toxic feathers and fungal foot rot.
The jungle is moving in on us and it’s full of parasites, predators and poisonous animals.

Writer of the week

William Burroughs. The homosexual intellectually electric absurdity responsible for my favourite anti-hero of all time, the belligerent Kim Carsons. Kim isn’t in the Burroughs book I read recently, and am quoting from today, but he most definitely is worth hunting down in The Place of Dead Roads, which is part of a colourful, violent trilogy containing some of Burroughs’ finest passages…

The following quotes are taken from The Adding Machine

“ A moment’s introspection will demonstrate that we are not the same as we were a year ago, a week ago. This opens many doors. Your spirit could reside in a number of bodies, not as some hideous parasite draining the hos, but as a helpful little visitor: ‘Roger the Lodger…don’t take up much room…show you a trick or two…never overstay my welcome…’”

“consider a species that can live on the sea-coast, watching ships come in day after day, year after year, and still believe that the Earth is flat because the Church says so; a species that can use cannonballs for five hundred years before the idea of a cannonball that explodes on contact blossoms in the barren soil…I could go on and on. So why has the human artifact stayed back there with the flintlock* I am advancing the theory that we are not designed to remain in our present state, any more than a tadpole is designed to remain a tadpole forever…”

“we now see that another essential factor in control, is to conceal from the controlled, the actual intentions of the controllers”

“I have come to doubt whether writing can be taught. Its is like trying to teach someone how to dream. So now I teach creative reading”

They take us to war, then go looking for more…

December 10, 2007

While the War on Terror has lost it’s glamour in recent months, with headlines of overflowing Iraqi morgues and decapitated Afghani children been replaced with news of Pakistan’s social implosion and England’s failure to qualify for the EURO championships, the Angels at the top of the Allied Forces Christmas Tree, Cheney and Bush, have been busy planning their next illegal invasion.

Iran haven’t invaded another country for over 2000 years. They haven’t threatened to wipe Israel off the map as was globally broadcast by the Western Media Machine. And the result of continued UN International Atomic Energy Agency enquiries into their alleged nuclear weapons programme concludes that there is ‘no trace’ of any signs that Iran are steaming, with haste, towards nuclear armament…Finally, a recent report by the New York Times indicates that the majority of suicidal Foreigners heading towards Iraq, wrapped in explosives and hell-bent on martyring themselves for a Cause which makes no sense to me, are recruited from Saudi Arabia and Libya, NOT Iran…Ignoring these pertinent facts, Bush and Cheney have continued to spit fire and brimstone towards Tehran and it’s figurehead, the charming Iranian President, Mr. Ahmedinejad.

The rhetoric emerging from Washington is worrying, with parallels easily drawn with the ‘Saddam Hussein is going to kill us all’ propaganda routine which was employed prior to the invasion of Iraq…
“If you’re interested in avoiding World War III,” Bush said recently, “it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them(Iran) from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.”

Soon after demonstrating such remarkable zeal for diplomacy, Bush took the muzzle of his pet jackal, Cheney, who barked these sweet words of love for Iran…

“(they are) the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism,” adding, “The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course, the international community is prepared to impose serious consequences . . . We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

There is no proof that Iran are the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism. But there is irrefutable evidence to suggest that the US itself occupies the uncomfortable by lucrative position of Most active and Gruesome exporter of Terrorism.

The other slur, or should I say justification for an attack on Iran, is based around the idea that Iran has been arming the insurgents in Iraq. Again, there is little to no firm ground in which this accusation can be rooted…We were told, by Blair and Bush, prior to our engagement in Iraq, that Hussein and his minions possessed the capacity to launch advanced missiles as far as Washington and London. Yet, after the Iraqi army was stomped then disbanded, the expertise and equipment used to stunt the Allied forces efforts at ‘Liberation’ and cause the continuing atrocities of the Insurgency in Iraq, were suddenly considered to be of foreign origins…That makes little sense….Soldiers know how to kill, they are trained to kill. When they are no longer soldiers, they do not suddenly lose all knowledge of their former military lives…If I know how to make a bomb, it matters not whether I am wearing uniform or not, I still know how to make that bomb…The assumption that disbanding the Iraqi army washed clean the Iraqi soldiers’ minds of army knowledge is flawed and totally illogical.

The Iranian army is split into two factions. One of which is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. That group has been labeled ‘a terrorist organization’ by Washington this year which paves the way, if the IRG can be linked to any attacks on the US at home or abroad, for the Yankees to pummel them. Or at least try to. They will not go down easily, and without any doubt, if attacked they will retaliate against Israel, who alongside the US are the most fervent pushers for War.

If there is an attack on Iran before Bush is forced to leave office next year, it will dispel any misplaced dreams that Peace is the Objective of the United States government and confirm that rather than spreading Liberation, they are only interested in spreading War and making money through bloodshed.

For anyone who still believes that George Bush is fit to preside over issues which greatly affect global stability, I refer to a speech made earlier this year in which the goofy Texan cokehead gave the real reasons for fucking up Iraq…
‘I thought an interesting comment was made — somebody said to me, I heard somebody say, “Now, where’s Mandela?” Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.’

Nelson Mandela is old now, but he is far from exchanging his flesh for dust and it comes as no surprise to read that he is no fan of Bush.
‘ Bush is a president who can’t think properly and wants to plunge the world into holocaust. Why does the United States behave so arrogantly?” he asked, adding, “They just want the oil. We must expose this as much as possible.” (Mandela, 2001)

I can hope that Reason will prevail over Lunacy but it is nothing but a childish dream. With Hilary Clinton set to continue, if elected, the swashbuckling foreign policy routine which Bush has laid out in his tenure as Top Pig, the future looks incredibly bleak…

fighting guns with love and peace…

October 3, 2007

( Sunday 1/10/07)

Armed only with love, tranquility and commendable hope for peace and solidarit for all sentient beings, the Buddhist monks of Myanmar are on the march…For the last two weeks the streets of Rangoon and other urban hubs of the tropical South East Asian nation, have been awash with saffron robed skinheads who are making a brave stand against the despotic military junta who have ruled with an iron fist since 1962.

The last time there were major protests in the country was 1990 when the pro-democracy party was legitimately voted into power by the people. The losing anti-democracy posse(the goons with the guns) had the military at their command, and rather than show humility in the face of defeat, opted to declare themselves the victors….The denizens revolted but the uprising was ruthlessly crushed. Thousands died as the junta confirmed their position as unchallengeable rulers.

During the 19 years that followed, the international community has increasingly frowned upon and isolated the bloodthirsty regime through sanctions and bullish rhetoric. As if to root their authority as deeply as possible in the Myanaman psyche, a new capital was created and the country’s name was changed to Burma. Life was made bearable for the army, whilst the civilians were raped of their Rights.

Any form of dissent is crushed, the media is tightly controlled and opposition party members are routinely imprisoned…In effect the country is characterized by a complete and all pervading lack of democracy. It is no surprise that a recent survey by Transparency International awarded Burma the dubious honour of World’s most Corrupt Country (shared with Somalia, which hasn’t had a semblance of organized government since 1991).

Poverty is rife in modern-day Burma, though there are considerable natural resources, in the shape of off-shore gas and oil, just itching to be exploited. Despite the lack of international trading partners the military junta has continued to reign supreme. But last month, in late August of this year, when they decided to double the cost of fuel, they went too far. They squeezed too hard. Adding a couple of pennies onto the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol in the UK may ultimately result in job-losses but if Gordon Brown decided to double it to 1.80 (ish) per litre, there would be riots on the streets, blockades at the ports, lynch mobs heading towards 10 Downing Street with murderous intent.

We are protected in this country. To a degree. A degree which is gradually being eroded by powermongers hell-bent on turning this nation into a police state. But in comparison to Burma, we have it easy…Because if I take to the streets to march in protest at the decisions of my government, they won’t shoot me (though this may change in the next decade).

Bearing in mind the thousands of people slaughtered in ’88, going up against the Burmese Military Junta has been for many years a path only for those who are so close to expiration, so lacking the means of survival, that they are propelled by self preservation instincts to face the forces responsible for their dilemma.

The Buddhist monks are revered in Burma. They offer alternative routes to education for the poverty stricken and regularly pour their energies into spiritual routines which are aimed at benefiting society as a whole. While the most committed Monks make up only a small portion of the population (500,000/ 47,000,000) a staggering 90% of Burmese folk are Buddhists with most civilians spending at least some time in their lives amongst the Buddhist communities.

The monks march has been about Democracy. It was about bringing an end to the oppressive rule of a group of crazy Generals who are whipping the people of Burma to the brink of starvation and hopelessness. Up to 100,000 saffron robed monks were defiantly walking the streets over these last few weeks. The World has seen them. Their goal of highlighting to the World the plight of their countrymen has been achieved but the reaction, in terms of Action and Aid, while sympathetic, has been on the whole reserved and muted. As I write this, the sum total action of the UN amounts to sending an representative to the region who has yet to be afforded the pleasure of meeting with the ruling Generals…

Although some restraint was shown in the early days of the recent attempts at revolution, the government has now cracked down hard on the peace loving spiritual gurus and their supporters. A handful of people have been shot, several monasteries have been smashed to pieces and the word from the Ministry of Religious Affairs is chilling
““If the monks go against the rules and regulations in the authority of Buddhist teachings, we will take action under the existing law, the protest marches in the streets are just a tactic that was systematically plotted from outside the country…’ (The Times)

It is unclear how many protestors, monks or otherwise, have been killed or imprisoned (official figures released by the Burmese government cannot be trusted) but it is increasingly clear that something very heavy has put a stop to the public outcry of despair.

Already the story has been moved off the list of headlines of the major news syndicates, with more pressing issues like the Conservatives plans to slash inheritance tax in the UK taking it’s place…So has the March of the Monks actually made a difference??? To those with a heart and mind who have read of the events; Yes. But not to the people in power around the globe who can actually make decisions which could improve the situation.

While our army is spread out across the World fighting illegal wars for all the Wrong reasons, there are plenty of places like Burma, which are screaming out for help in their True Quests for liberation and democracy. Yet our government ignores them. This calls to mind the Palestinian elections of last year in which Hamas were put in power only to have the American government refuse to recognize them as the country’s leaders. Bush demanded democratic elections, saw them, but didn’t like the winners. If he, and Gordon Brown (or former fuck-buddy Tony Blair) were really interested in Democracy, Liberation, saving lives instead of taking lives; then our combined armed forces would be in Sudan, Somalia, Burma, and North Korea…If some of my taxes were going towards actually helping people around the globe, I would be far happier paying them, and also far more supportive of the government which runs the show where I currently exist.

The Monks March has taught us nothing other than: You cannot fight bullets and batons with Love and Peace. You can try, but you will lose every-time.

If I think about that too deeply I quickly reach the conclusion that while I personally try to adopt bits and pieces of the Buddhist doctrine in my day to day life, there is simply far too much scum on the planet- willing to skin me alive- making a full-time effort at understanding and adopting the core spiritual teachings anything but a road to ruin…So the best policy seems to be: Strive for compassion for all living beings, spread good vibrations whenever possible, avoid Scum, and be ready to Fight tooth and claw for Survival.

the world is going crazy (aug 9th)

September 27, 2007

The world is going crazy. the flooding here in the UK which put 300,000 people out of power has been cruelly dwarfed, in terms of devastation, by the savage rains which have decimated China, India, Nepal and Bangladesh…22 million people have lost everything they own, their homes, their possessions, their land, their ability to survive without the help of others…many of whom will lose their lives in the coming battle for Existence. Heatwaves have been roasting hundreds of South Europeans, while Buneos Aries has received it’s first Snow Blizzard for 60 years. WHile Nature starts fighting back, humanity is continuing it’s war on itself. Iraq is a bloody mess, Russia are constantly flexing their muscle, Iran looks set for a potentially fatal showdown with the US…Tony Blair has been made Special Envoy to the Middle East, an area where he is personally responsible for causing horrendous hellshowers of death and destruction…The Yankees preach peace through one side of their mouth, then agree to flood the world with weapons with the other…I wish that was the worst of it, but I am merely touching the top of an iceberg of serious, on-going Carnage…Everything seems to be escalating. A race seems to be on. The planet’s natural defences are being felt in their full destructive power by the most vulnerable, while our species continues to bring us closer to the brink of Armageddon by spreading more WAR…and smack in the middle of all this chaos is me, trying hard to avoid my mind while I follow the drive of my heart.

Teutonic Hicks…

March 4, 2007

‘It’s about god-damned time to take these fuckers out.’If Bush could hear Americans saying those words he would be rubbing his hands with glee, happy in the knowledge that his slaves were as demonically narrow minded and fervent in support of yet more morally illogical War as appears only in his wildest dreams. Thank fuck that there remains at least a steady if small element of American society which has more sense and less arrogance.

The 1000 Lebanese civilians ruthlessly eliminated by the IDF in the brief but bloody War fought between Israel and Hezbollah last year, which if you can recall was sparked by two Israeli soldiers taken hostage by Hezbollah forces, were killed with American weapons. And in that case, every American contributed to the carnage, because you folks happily donate a chunk of your taxes, a billion$ or so???, annually to military aid for Israel. What the US doesn’t give in terms of weapons and munitions(or are they the same thing!?) as a ridiculously hypocritical regular freebie towards helping the Middle Eastern Peace Process, they sell them at a discount price…

How the hell can anybody be so incurably naive to cheerfully and patriotically gulp down spoonful after spoonful of carefully designed and dispersed Government disinformation and bullshit???Is there a recessive gene which is dominant in certain groups of people which refuses to morally criminalize those that Lead us with an iron fist???

Bush and Blair told the world we must get Bin Laden, so the two Powers embarked on their neo-imperialist crusade into Afghanistan. Not long after that excursion which continues to this day to make life for the average Afghanistani precarious and limited, we were told that Hussein, despite the words and advice of the very inspectors we charged with making sure the Iraqi dictator was behaving himself, actually was readying plans to implement a WMD programme which could hit their targets (London or New York as two prime candidates) within 45 minutes. That was the apparent reason for going to war in Iraq.

Now, a few years after that initial US/Brit led invasion into Iraq, the world can only grimace as the body count relentlessly worsens and the rivers of Baghdad run putrid with blood and guts of dissected victims of a horrific civil war. That Allied move to spread democracy, like the War in Afghanistan, has been a complete disaster for everyone but war profiteers. It is just a real fucking shame that one of the most dangerous and dim witted of these profiteers is and has been for too dam long, President and leader of the most powerful and stupid country of The West, the US.

Two wars. Neither of which has been ‘won’ in any way imaginable. Thousands of innocent people dead, many of which would now still be living had it not been for those impossible to find, but very easy to talk about, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

How many Wars have Iran engaged in over the same period?? None.

There is far more reason to distrust the Bush Administration than to believe a word any of their number utters through mechanical teeth. That has been proved, beyond any doubt, to every able minded human with access to adequate news resources.

If anyone is basing their support for a US led attack on Iran on the infamous ‘wiped off the map’ comment made by the Iranian President, please see here>>>
Because the speech in question which gave forth the phrase was intentionally altered before getting distributed across the global media machine…
Immovable Chinese and Russian obstacles prevent any UN sanctions of War against Iran. Recent history shows that the US and UK have no respect for the UN. So that East Asian blockade is hardly likely to prove a hindrance if War is the Washington goal. But on this one, unlike the last two, the UK will not be able to contribute more than political support. That would be political suicide for any government in the current climate here.

If the US does decide to attack Iran it will have major repercussions for not just the region, but potentially the world as a whole. The nuclear race will escalate and the safety of Life on this planet will be jeopardized further towards Apocalypse.

As with Afghanistan and as with Iraq, I suspect that Oil is a key factor in any invasion plans because Iran has one of the largest oil reserves known to man. However that kind of procurement operation would need more than a few military strikes on carefully selected targets; it would require a full-on invasion force of naval, land and aerial squadrons combined. Which is a different scenario to the main possibilities I have read about thus far, so perhaps it is less than likely but still possible… But Iran does have the capacity and will to not only defend itself but also to attack Israel, which is basically the same as attacking the US itself. An eye for an eye. Old but natural wisdom still adopted today by those who refuse to be beaten down to a pulp without giving anything back in return.

The Teutonic hick mentality of the American psyche is dangerously dominant.

more feral kids and chinese missile attacks…

January 23, 2007

The tarzan-esque arrival into the modern world of a Cambodian ‘half animal/half human’ female took the world news by storm last week. Described by police as ‘a feral beast with red like tiger’s eyes’, Rochom P’ngieng was apparently lost to unseen forces in the jungle many years ago when she was a 9 year old child. Strange as her story undoubtedly is, it is not the first incident involving long lost relatives suddenly re-appearing many years after their original disappearance…

In mid 2004 social workers in Siberia were both dumfounded and disturbed when they discovered the dangerously feral Andrei Tolstyk; a young man who walked on all fours and bit people. Abandoned as a baby, Andrei, the investigation team concluded; had been rescued by the family dog and raised secretively as a canine.

 Traian Calderar; raised by dogs.

After experiencing too much horror at the hands of his mother’s vicious partner, 4 year old Traian Calderar, ran away from his Romanian home in 1999. He was found living on the streets 3 years later; grotesquely underdeveloped with no vocal skills. The reason for his survival in the wild was put down to stray dogs who adopted the terrified runaway into their gang.

Deep in the cruelly inhospitable netherworld of the Ugandan forest, in 1989, an exploratory group of scientists bumped into a 6 year old boy who appeared to be an active part of a community of monkeys. Further research made by social workers brought to the surface memories of a violent father who had forced the infant, whose name turned out to be John Ssebunya, to flee his home (in 1987) and seek refuge in the undergrowth. The African Grey monkeys may well have seen baby John as a hairless version of their own species or perhaps they are indeed capable, like the canines (who would never mistake humans for members of their own species), of compassion.

 Ramu the wolf boy.

Last but not least in this heart wrenching freak show I present Ramu. Snatched from his family garden, by wolves, at the age of 2, the Indian youngster re appeared in
Lucknow, 5 years later in 1954. He lapped milk, chewed bones and had an affinity with wolves. Unfortunately due to the hardships suffered when living the lupine way, Ramu passed away in 1968.

For more of the same go here :>>>

The Chinese communist party has sparked global scorn and concern after launching a missile attack against one of it’s own satellites on 11th January. The target- which due to it’s age and uselessness had been deemed suitable for sacrifice- was successfully smashed into 10000 pieces or more by the Chinese KT-1 rocket.

Major governments of the West have joined forces in condemning the missile test which suggests the previously asserted Beijing stance of campaigning against the militarization of space is as solid as miso soup. (Beijing has repeatedly pressed the US to sign agreements outlawing arms in space, but the
US has steadfastly declined). Most worried and unsurprisingly vocal in their indignation are the Americans. Why so?? Because the capacity to accurately target and destroy satellites offers all sorts of potential risks for the US defence forces fighting their imperialist NEO Con crusades all over the planet. For example: over 80% of all US military communication during the 2003 invasion of Iraq was completely reliant on satellites.

 If the Chinese were to take out as few as 40-50 American satellites from the lower orbit zone the American military machine would be totally crippled within hours. With no support from beyond the earth’s atmosphere, lacking the advantage of satellite images showing enemy movements and weaponry, US troops would be fucked.

But could this situation really happen??? Perhaps. We may, as some point this year, see two chances for this theory to be put to the test.

Firstly there is the issue of the Taiwan straits; which China wish to claim. To achieve their aims in that region, the Chinese government must deal not just with the Taiwanese but also their American guardians. By damaging any US satellites covering the area, China could effectively close Yankee eyes and ears in the region thus allowing the Taiwanese to be mercilessly crushed without hindrance.

Secondly, and this is a long shot which I hope to hell doesn’t happen. That isn’t to say I wish carnage and doom onto Taiwan, far from it. I just know that this second possible scenario would be more serious, were it to transpire, for the world as a whole. Iran is becomingly increasingly isolated by the
US and its allies. The reasons for this are based around oil:>

Huge crude reserves and last year’s decision to introduce the EURO into the Iranian/European oil industry has attracted the greedy eyes and soulless spirits of powerful men in Washington. The introduction of the EURO has especially alarmed and harmed the Captains of commerce who live and die by the once mighty greenback.

Ostensibly Washington plays the world policeman; increasing the perception of Tehran’s threat to Israel and with it their determination to defend their Zionists brothers whilst secretly coveting control of Iranian natural resources…The Israelis don’t want the oil, they just don’t like the idea of any hostile Arabs gaining possession of nuclear weapons, which they themselves have developed and possessed for many years.

I pity Tehran. Being the number one enemy of Tel Aviv and Washington, which makes them also a foe of
London, is an untenable position unless the pariah state in question is armed with nukes.

The irony of the planned attacks on Iran lies in the fact that Bush would need to use small scale nuclear weapons in order to show the world, in his own very individual way, that Iranians aren’t allowed nuclear weapons. (Deep penetrating mini nukes would be needed to eradicate the alleged underground research facilities spread over the barren Iranian landscape).

Where was I????……..Aha. The Chinese economy is growing at an astronomical rate. And so is that economy’s demand for energy. A sizeable portion of Chinese oil imports arrive from Iran. With Russia also heavily connected to Iran, not so much for energy trade, mainly for arms (i.e. 2006- Russia agree to $700m deal to construct defensive measures for Iranian military research facilities. and that is merely the tip of an iceberg…) and Russia also in league with the Chinese; a grim picture is beginning to take shape.

 In short, if the US were to not only attack Iran but to make a grab for the oil; China could well be tempted to take out the Yankee military satellites and leave the American troops on Iranian land sitting ducks who would be slaughtered by the Mullahs and their fervent followers. And rightly so.

China are thought to also be capable of identifying (through illumination with a laser) and potentially blinding foreign owned satellites which pass over their land.

Despite the Brits, Aussies and Americans waving their respective school master canes,
Russia seemed unruffled, declaring instead that the missile test was nothing to do with satellites….

Russian Defence minister, Sergei Ivanov croaked “I’m afraid that it didn’t have an anti-satellite basis. And, maybe it’s good that it didn’t.”

Worse still, when asked about the test, the Chinese Defence spokesman said

“We are not clear about the situation; there is no official statement at the present time”.


China join the elite club of countries expanding military power in space.