Time to say Goodbye

March 25, 2007

She has been there for me,
Through the thick and the thin,
She has found me when I am down,
Erased my scowl , produced a grin…

She has lifted my spirits,
When they have been sinking,
Taken the edge of my emotional awareness,
Replaced it with an inability to stop thinking…

She has warped my mind,
Taken me A few steps from reality,
She has stopped me being able to Love,
Stopped me being able guage feeling with any clarity…

I thought I had her under control,
But I was terribly wrong,
Because I become addicted to her presence after just one hit from a bong…

I thought she was benign,
Perfect for recreation,
But she stops me from Living and Giving,
And now, the only way forward for Her and Me is complete cessation…

Mary Jane,
My weakness for you has caused me so much Pain,
The time has come to say goodbye,
And once and for all to clear you completely from my brain….


Teutonic Hicks…

March 4, 2007

‘It’s about god-damned time to take these fuckers out.’If Bush could hear Americans saying those words he would be rubbing his hands with glee, happy in the knowledge that his slaves were as demonically narrow minded and fervent in support of yet more morally illogical War as appears only in his wildest dreams. Thank fuck that there remains at least a steady if small element of American society which has more sense and less arrogance.

The 1000 Lebanese civilians ruthlessly eliminated by the IDF in the brief but bloody War fought between Israel and Hezbollah last year, which if you can recall was sparked by two Israeli soldiers taken hostage by Hezbollah forces, were killed with American weapons. And in that case, every American contributed to the carnage, because you folks happily donate a chunk of your taxes, a billion$ or so???, annually to military aid for Israel. What the US doesn’t give in terms of weapons and munitions(or are they the same thing!?) as a ridiculously hypocritical regular freebie towards helping the Middle Eastern Peace Process, they sell them at a discount price…

How the hell can anybody be so incurably naive to cheerfully and patriotically gulp down spoonful after spoonful of carefully designed and dispersed Government disinformation and bullshit???Is there a recessive gene which is dominant in certain groups of people which refuses to morally criminalize those that Lead us with an iron fist???

Bush and Blair told the world we must get Bin Laden, so the two Powers embarked on their neo-imperialist crusade into Afghanistan. Not long after that excursion which continues to this day to make life for the average Afghanistani precarious and limited, we were told that Hussein, despite the words and advice of the very inspectors we charged with making sure the Iraqi dictator was behaving himself, actually was readying plans to implement a WMD programme which could hit their targets (London or New York as two prime candidates) within 45 minutes. That was the apparent reason for going to war in Iraq.

Now, a few years after that initial US/Brit led invasion into Iraq, the world can only grimace as the body count relentlessly worsens and the rivers of Baghdad run putrid with blood and guts of dissected victims of a horrific civil war. That Allied move to spread democracy, like the War in Afghanistan, has been a complete disaster for everyone but war profiteers. It is just a real fucking shame that one of the most dangerous and dim witted of these profiteers is and has been for too dam long, President and leader of the most powerful and stupid country of The West, the US.

Two wars. Neither of which has been ‘won’ in any way imaginable. Thousands of innocent people dead, many of which would now still be living had it not been for those impossible to find, but very easy to talk about, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

How many Wars have Iran engaged in over the same period?? None.

There is far more reason to distrust the Bush Administration than to believe a word any of their number utters through mechanical teeth. That has been proved, beyond any doubt, to every able minded human with access to adequate news resources.

If anyone is basing their support for a US led attack on Iran on the infamous ‘wiped off the map’ comment made by the Iranian President, please see here>>>
Because the speech in question which gave forth the phrase was intentionally altered before getting distributed across the global media machine…
Immovable Chinese and Russian obstacles prevent any UN sanctions of War against Iran. Recent history shows that the US and UK have no respect for the UN. So that East Asian blockade is hardly likely to prove a hindrance if War is the Washington goal. But on this one, unlike the last two, the UK will not be able to contribute more than political support. That would be political suicide for any government in the current climate here.

If the US does decide to attack Iran it will have major repercussions for not just the region, but potentially the world as a whole. The nuclear race will escalate and the safety of Life on this planet will be jeopardized further towards Apocalypse.

As with Afghanistan and as with Iraq, I suspect that Oil is a key factor in any invasion plans because Iran has one of the largest oil reserves known to man. However that kind of procurement operation would need more than a few military strikes on carefully selected targets; it would require a full-on invasion force of naval, land and aerial squadrons combined. Which is a different scenario to the main possibilities I have read about thus far, so perhaps it is less than likely but still possible… But Iran does have the capacity and will to not only defend itself but also to attack Israel, which is basically the same as attacking the US itself. An eye for an eye. Old but natural wisdom still adopted today by those who refuse to be beaten down to a pulp without giving anything back in return.

The Teutonic hick mentality of the American psyche is dangerously dominant.