scrambled transmissions from Planet Cod (Part 1)

February 25, 2008
Will he return***
the Caribbean, self proclaimed ‘King of the skullfuckers’.
Gemini twins of Bearable and Vulgar.

I love his style but detest the swagger of his cowboy hips,
the ‘hey man’ greetings,
and the contemptible lack of mathematical ability of the Vulgar Twin.

The Bearable Ying is hardly an opposite of the Vulgar Yang,
more a slight improvement,
a sharp edge of Swine smoothed into a Cruel Jester veneer.
Sometimes when I speak to people who I know are not going to respond to any form of prodding with anything remotely intelligible or warm, I am merely writing thoughts on a notepad made of Air….
Silver shoes. Henna star tattoos on her feet. Cute.
beautiful derriere. Its movement, its sway from side to side is captivating, pulling the animal part of my being towards her. A full moon to my ocean…she could easily cause my tides to swell and grow stronger…
A Magnet arse…to my eager eyes, to my dirty mouth, to the tips of my fingers, to the sweating palms of my hands.
Her face is young, softly curved, glowing cheeks, seductive sparkle in her glance. A radiant nymph exuding nubile allure.
musings on betrayal.

We are all capable of brutality, of deception, of heinous cruelty.
It is whether we make use of those capabilities and for what reason, which shows the True worth of our Soul.

Self-preservation. Life and Death. Flesh or dust…

It’s like killing in cold blood. Once the first instance has been negotiated, it becomes easier the second time, for the Many, but perhaps not for the Few, who are forced through circumstance-matters of Life and Death, Flesh or Dust, self-preservation-to Kill. Often for the Few, murder of a heart or soul, proves a catalyst for a journey which leads to total destruction of the Self, and there, at the final destination, the metamorphosis of a Benign Larvae into a Killer Wasp who stings for pleasure, out of instinct, not for gain…
I search for meaning, enlightenment and excitement, amongst all creatures, in every accessible corner of Life, always searching…
in the words of wise men,
in the eyes of a kitten,
in the leaves on the trees,
in the clouds in the sky…searching.
for fulfillment and inspiration…

by far the richest source, the most inspirational niche of Existence, is Women….
Not all Women,
but a few,
who naturally possess a certain power over my being,
which can be employed,
to infiltrate the very core of the thinking and feeling part of Daniel,
to shape and add colour to my psychological, emotional and spiritual planes…

Once within the grasp of a member of this elusive secret society,
I become easily all-consumed, devoted, open and willing to their demands and desires more than to my own or anybody else’s…I cut loose from the cocooned security of my work life and friendships. I propel myself, heart and soul, deeper into the embrace afforded me by the Woman, with scant to no regard for where I will be led.

Once my passions are teased with a spark,
the flames instantly leap up with vigour,
and I become infected ,
with a constant need to be connected,
closely and profoundly on all perceivable levels,
to the source of ignition.
Fervently thirsty to drink of her essence…